Courtney Relationship: Duncan Friends: Alejandro,Bridgette, Duncan Enemies: Everyone (except enemies) Place: TDI 9th, TDA 9th, TDWT 10th, TDR 24th


Courtney (The Bossy Goody-Two-Shoes) was a contestant in Total Drama Horror. During Season One, Courtney was on the Killer Bass. Courtney was known for her bossy attitude and goody-goody personality. Although Courtney didn't originally make it to the second season, she won a lawsuit against the show, claiming that her elimination was unfair. This resulted in Courtney returning mid-way through the second season, being placed on a team, then watching the teams merge. Courtney was eliminated because of a loophole in her contract, and she did make it to the third season.

Season oneEdit

When Courtney arrived on the island she was greeted by Noah Owen and Cody. Courtney got quickly mad when her team lossed. In "Feed it" Courtney got mad at Harold and threw a mudball at him which Duncan laughed at his misfortune. The next episode Courtney was pretty quiet. In "Izzy in the big house" Courtney complains to Duncan for more than half the episode. When Courtney escapes she seems somewhat pleased and displeased with Duncan helping Heather and Izzy get out. The next episodes she was quiet. In "The weak, the annoying, and the Cody" Courtney did great in the challenge but she was mad when her team lossed. Courtney (along with Justin) did not want to see if Cody was okay.

Courtney was more than happy to see Cody go home. Courtney got very mad when Heather kissed Duncan on the cheek. So they both got into a massive fight that Duncan enjoyed. When Courtney fell off the vine Duncan fell too and they walked to the bleachers together. Courtney was surprised but happy when Beth was out. When Tyler got out Courtney jumped up and cheered and said that she waited long for that to to arrive. Courtney got mad and jealous when Duncan was paired with Lindsay but then realized Lindsay could never get Duncan. When Courtney was voted off Duncan kissed her good-bye. In the Confessional Special, Courtney wouldn't shut up about how much she wanted Duncan to win. Courtney made an appearance at "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" and insulted every contestant but Bridgette and Duncan. She wasn't mentioned until the end. On the last episode Courtney takes DJ's side from the beginning because she hates Izzy more. Courtney tried to help DJ but sometimes it didn't help. When DJ crossed the finidh line first Duncan and Courtney kiss and then they cheer for him. When Dj is handed the check and chance for one million dollars, he decides to go for it and when Duncan gets a marshmellow, and Courtney isn't she gets mad and plans to sue the show.

Season twoEdit

Total Drama Extravaganza!Edit

She was chosen to compete on Total Drama Extravaganza!