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Crash & DashEdit

Chris announces that the teams has a break for a day. Everyone left cheers and quickly has a different mood when Chris reveals that Izzy & Tyler will be returning this episode. Justin was the first to speak and yelled at Chris for letting them back. Heather agreed with him. Duncan didn't really mind Izzy or Tyler (even though he thinks Izzy is crazy and Tyler a weakling). Courtney asked Beth & Ezekiel if Harold still had his alliance. Ezekiel told everything about how now Tyler has rejoined the alliance. Chris and Chef both go to relax. Owen welcomes the two and kiss Izzy. Heather plots a way how to get someone out with Lindsay, but Lindsay quickly ignores her as she is busy with Tyler. Harold & Bridgette both state that Tyler deserved to stay. Heather then gets angry and wengt to bed. Duncan then crashed into something and Izzy dashed with Eva to the camunal bathroom. DJ then asked Beth if she knows what she's doing. She says yes but gets hit in the head by Tyler. Then DJ wonders if she's okay and said that he

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Beth has a memory of Lewshana

wants the episode to end and then Chef signs the show off.

Second HeadingEdit

Season 1, Episode 13

Episode Guide

"Not a Jewelry Island" "I'm Walking on Sunshine... I'm gonna let it shine"

Date Played May 24, 2010
Challenge Staying in a room alone
Winner(s) Owen (lucky)
Eliminated Heather (only not having dinner)