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Duncan confronts Harold when Harold annoys him

This article is about the conflict between Duncan and Harold . In season one it was somewhat a small conflict but grew bigger as the season went on. During the last four seasons they have been big enemies and have been trying to get rid of each other. This is the biggest conflict from season 3-Total Drama world.

Episodes ForEdit

Feed itEdit

Duncan made fun of Harold when Harold was annoying him. Harold does the same, however Courtney throws mud in his face. To which Duncan laughs at.

Down in the ChumpsEdit

Soon after the challenge Duncan and Harold get into a minor fight to which Duncan insults him and Harold makes fun of him. Duncan then threats Harold but Harold seems to ignore it. Then Beth broke them up. However while Harold was happy about that, Duncan was not.

Splish Splash Darter parkEdit

When Owen and Duncan meet up with Tyler and Harold, Duncan and Harold immediately start to bug each other constantly. When Harold got his first aid kit and asked Duncan to help him, Duncan kicks him and says in the confessional that Harold isn't the boss of him. Harold also says in the confessional that Duncan isn't a worthy contestant.

Are You smarter than a jock?Edit

In the beginning of the episode, Duncan trips Harold and laughs at his misfortune.

I'm Walking on Sunshine...i'm gonna let it shineEdit

They haven't had much interaction though Harold, Owen, Tyler, and Lindsay try to pull Duncan down to make him lose. Harold tries to convince Tyler and Owen to vote Duncan. Duncan then convinces Tyler, and Owen to vote Harold. When Harold was out, Duncan seemed happy. Though he does high-five Harold good-bye but does think it's sick when Beth kisses him.

Confessional SpecialEdit

Harold and others say that Duncan is a jerk. Also that he isn't good enough to be in the finals.

Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame Edit

Harold states that Duncan is really annyoing and that he hopes Duncan gets out soon.

The Very Last episode Srysly? Edit

Duncan and Harold have a bet on who's gonna go to the next season. When the time comes, Harold isn't choesn but Duncan is. Duncan then gloats in his face and Harold walks away steaming.

The Beast WithinEdit

After Duncan steps off the bus he states that Harold missed out on another chance at the money in a mocking kind of tone.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame Edit

Harold states that Duncan could win if he changes his attitude toward the competition.