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The episode opens when Owen says that he regret voting Noah off in the kitchen. Duncan then asks him when will he tell Noah that he voted him off and Owen said he'd wouldn't tell anybody. Gwen then came and asked Duncan and Owen if they thought Noah kind of didn't deserve to be voted off. Owen said Heather should've been out. Gwen then agreed with him implying that Gwen regret voting Noah. Both Duncan and Heather disagreed with them and said that it was good to vote him off. Chris then said that the challenge was to escape from alien chef. Cody thought that the challenge would be easy but then gets slugged in the arm by Justin. In the Confessional Justin said that Cody could make it farther than him so Justin tries to get on his good side then vote him off. In the Confessional Cody thought Justin was annoying but also said that he had to get Beth to trust him again. The challenge started and DJ partnered with Owen and Duncan, Lindsay with Gwen and Heather alone. Bridgette with Justin, Beth with Cody, Izzy with Katie and Ezekiel alone.

Cody tried to cheer Beth up but Beth said that he sucked and she never wanted to see Cody again. Then Cody tried cheering her up but failed again. Then Beth got hit and was out of the challenge. Bridgette was swaying over Justin so much that she got caught off guard and got captured. Justin then met up with Cody and he got on Cody's good side when he agreed with Justin to try to work together to get Beth on their side. Duncan, Owen and DJ stopped when Chef saw them. Chef then blasted Owen and DJ. Duncan was gonna save them until Owen told him to continue. Lindsay and Gwen both ran into Heather who ran into Duncan. They all huddled and agreed to go together until Lindsay and Heather got caught.

Meanwhile Ezekiel was scared to death but said he would find his team but he challenged Chef to a duel with Izzy's help but end up losing. The last remaining people were Gwen, Lindsay, Duncan, Justin, and Cody. Justin tricked Duncan and Lindsay into getting out. Duncan then rooted for Gwen until she got out to which team Killer Gaffers frowned. Cody and Justin high-five each other. Heather convinced Lindsay and Gwen to vote Owen because of his popularity (and as much as Lindsay and Gwen didn't want to do it, they agreed). Duncan chose to vote Lindsay, DJ chose himself and Owen picked Heather. The Guilded Chris' went to Gwen, DJ, Lindsay, Heather and Duncan. Izzy yelled when Owen was out. Owen bid farewell to everyone. After Owen left Izzy vowed to get revenge on one of the Gaffers. Then Chris signsthe show off.

Second HeadingEdit

Season 2, Episode 2

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"The Beast Within"
"Back to the Beachyard"

Date Played August 30, 2010
Challenge Dodge Mama Alien Chef's wrath
Winner(s) Screaming Grips
Eliminated Owen