Season OneEdit

  1. Welcome to Camp Righteousness
  2. Feed it
  3. Down in the Chumps
  4. Izzy in the Big House
  5. Fashion Queens Don't Quit
  6. Splish Splash Darter Park
  7. Guitar Losers
  8. Are you smarter than a Jock?
  9. School of Hard Noah's
  10. Camp Dock
  11. The weak, the annoying, and the Cody
  12. Not a Jewelry Island
  13. Crash & Dash
  14. I'm walking on Sunshine... i'm gonna let it shine
  15. The heat-door-athon
  16. Extreme Laser Tag
  17. One's a Crowd
  18. Book Catalogue o' Fun
  19. Trusting a Snake
  20. Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame
  21. Back in a Crash
  22. A wave down Dramary street
  23. Extreme Skateboarding
  24. The Amazing Race around camp Righteousness
  25. Sour Suckers
  26. Season One Recap
  27. The very last episode Srysly?

Elimination TableEdit



03 Duncan

04 Owen

05 Bridgette

06 Ezekiel

07 Eva

08 Lindsay

09 Courtney

10 Tyler

11 Beth

12 Heather

13 Justin

14 Harold

15 Lewshana

16 Cody

17 Gwen

18 Noah

19 Tyler

20 Trent

21 Katie

22 Izzy

23 Geoff

24 Sadie

Participant [1] Team [2] Status [3] Placing [4]
Noah Killer Gaffers Returns in Doctor Impersonator...voted off in The Beast Within
Owen Killer Gaffers 2nd Voted Out

in Fartagus

14th Place
Heather Killer Gaffers 3rd Voted Out

in Back to the Beachyard

13th Place
DJ Killer Gaffers 4th Voted Out

in Wacky Wild West

12th Place
Katie Screaming Grips Ouits

in The one with the small Hatchet

11th Place
Gwen Killer Gaffers 6th Eliminated

in The Horror Project

10th Place
Izzy Screaming Grips 7th Left

in Disaster Master

9th Place
Courtney Screaming Grips 8th Eliminated

in The Sports of Tomorrow

8th Place
Ezekiel Screaming Grips 9th Voted Out

in Secret Spy Guy

7th Place
Cody Screaming Grips 10th Voted Out

in Heroes vs Villains

6th Place
Lindsay Killer Gaffers 11th Eliminated

in Perils of Princess Pride

5th Place
Justin Screaming Grips 12th Voted Out

in Rock-out

4th Place
Duncan Killer Gaffers 13th Voted Out

in Space Explorers

3rd Place
Beth Screaming Grips 14th Voted Out

in Mutiny on the Soundship

Noah Killer Gaffers Runner-up

in Who wants to pick a Millionaire?

2nd Place
Bridgette Screaming Grips Winner

in Who wants to pick a Millionaire?

1st Place

Season TwoEdit

  1. The Beast Within
  2. Fartagus
  3. Back to the Beachyard
  4. Reverse Act
  5. Wacky Wild West
  6. Aftermath: I
  7. The one with the small Hatchet
  8. Doctor Impersonator
  9. The Horror Project
  10. Disaster Master
  11. Heavy Metal Drama
  12. Aftermath: II
  13. Ocean's 12