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Naruto Ball Z is a universal crossover show about Goku, Naruto, Sasuke, and Vegeta. Also some others to help them. The warriors travel on journey's to different planets like the planet of Namek and fighting powerful enemies like Cooler, Orochimaru, Majin Buu, Broly, Sound Ninja 5, and Omega Cell. Also they meet some new friends like Gaara, Majin Buu, (Naruto Ball Z Shippuden) Tapion, Kentrum, and Zazuna.


This the series of the organization of Naruto Ball Z where in part one the main villains are Gaara, Frieza, The Ginyu Force, and Cooler. As in part two, the main villains varify and even has side but powerful enemies. The main villains are Bardock, Turles, Ultimate Cell, Orochimaru, Gaara (Shukaku forms), Majin Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu, Sound Ninja 5 (+ Cooler, and King Cole), Sasuke, Broly, and Omega Cell. The enemies that are less important but still strong are King Vegeta, Cell Jr., Mega Cell, Nappa, Raditz, Ultima, Pure Evil Buu, Super 17, and Mercenary Tao. As the fighters gets stronger their appearances change and some get more progressed like Gohan becoming a teen in part two, Sasuke turning evil, Gaara gets a new outfit, Naruto gets a new outfit, and every ninja gets a new outfit. But all part two leads up to Naruto Ball Z Shippuden. Season two of the series and the second to last season before Naruto Ball GT Shippuden. In Naruto Ball Z Shippuden there are new enemies like Green Tail, Big Buu, Android R, Bagut, Orochi, Hyrudegarn, The Akatsuki, and more. In Naruto Ball Z there are hidden sagas like the Akatsuki Arc, Janemba Arc, Garlic Jr. Arc, and the Garlic Jr. Returns Arc. In Naruto Ball Z Shippuden the hidden sagas are the Lord Slug's Last Stand Arc, New Sound Ninja 4 Arc, Goku and the Secret Rings Arc (even though this is a hidden saga, still in the series), and the Bionic Broly Arc. Also in Naruto Ball Z Shippuden you meet new supporting characters like Tapion, Kentrum, Nicco, Frog, Karuse, Zazuna, Super Buuz, and Afro Buu.

Naruto Ball Gt Shippuden PreviewEdit

In the new and final part of the Naruto ball Z series, Naruto Ball GT Shippuden, only a few of the fighters return as fighters as of the rest retire. But everyone is still in the show. This features new characters like Goku Jr., Rogeta, Wolfan, Zhu, Rogetan, Star, Android A, Trunks, Goten, Brock, Turlibia, and Ken. Also some new enemies like Baby, Omega Shenron, Android R, Nega Cell, Kincha, Zen, Kukashu, Himanlini, and The Gecko Force. The fighters returning as fighters are Goku, Goku Jr., Karuse, Naruto, Kentrum, Rock Lee, Frog, Laruto, Tapion, Gaara, Nicco, Neji, Vegeta, and Gohan. GT is mainly about Goku Jr. so Goku Jr. will be doing most the fighting followed by Goku/Naruto, Gohan/Frog, and Gotenks/Kentrum/Tapion. The terrains of where fights will take place will be Earth, New Namek, Kami's Lookout, Grand Kai's planet, Heaven, HFIL, Snake Way, Dark planet, Fushia Matter, and New Planet Vegeta.

New Characters BiosEdit

Goku Jr.Edit

Goku Jr. is the great-great grandson of one of earth's strongest hero's Goku. Goku Jr. sees Goku as a mentor and someone he once to be when he gows up. He loves everything Goku loves and becomes friends with many people. Goku Jr. is kind of a mellow personality and doesn't get mad too quickly. He usually reacts to somethings quickly. His rival in the series slowly becomes Ken. In the 38th World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku Jr. fights up against Gohan, then in the preliminaries he fights Turlibia and easily defeats him. In the semi-finals Goku Jr. fights Brock and does poorly at first but slowly progresses into Brock's fighting style and skill. He eventually defeats Brock and kicks him out the ring ro where Brock and Turbilia join the heroes party. In the final round Goku Jr. fights Ken but loses after he gets tricked but summons his power into the Go-Goku-Kamehameha. after Ken got injured, he healed and defeated Goku Jr. Goku Jr. now works hard to beat Ken in the next tournament.

Part I of Naruto Ball ZEdit

Z-Warriors meets Ninjas ArcEdit

Wolf vs DogEdit

When the Z-Warriors arrives, Sarutobi then welcomes them to join the ninja in the Chunin Exams to see their skills and levels. As everyone meets each other Goku and Naruto discover the other surpressing their own chakra and soon get the desire of fighting each other. In the first round Yamcha was up against Kiba Inuzuka and quickly with his Beast Mimicry: All Fours Justsu, Kiba easily took advantage of the fight.

Yamcha was getting pummelled until he pulls out a Kamehameha wave which stops Kiba before he was about to finish Yamcha with the Fang Over Fang. Kiba blocks the attack and soons goes into a duel with Yamcha until Yamcha unleashes the Wolf Fang fist. Kiba falls but rises until Yamcha uses his Extra Large Spirit Ball. As Kiba is about to be defeated, he uses one last Fang Over Fang and Finishes Yamcha for good.

Black SludgeEdit

Soon after the match Piccolo fights Sasuke Uchiha in the next round and they're both feeling eager about fighting. Sasuke says he has a trump card but Piccolo takes his weights off and begans to fight Sasuke. As Sasuke finds it hard to keep up with Piccolo's speed, Piccolo easily takes charge of the fight. Piccolo beats Sasuke up and soon Naruto and Sakura worry if Sasuke will win. Sasuke then threatens Piccolo but Piccolo charges up for the Special Beam Canon and skits him on the arm. Soon Sasuke can barely move and resorts to the Sharingan to beat Piccolo. Feeling confident Sasuke charges at Piccolo but Piccolo still beats him up.
Sasukevspiccolo 02

Sasuke vs Piccolo

As Sasuke struggles to fight Piccolo, Piccolo keeps sending him down. After catching his breath, Sasuke uses the Fire Ball Jutsu but has no affect against Piccolo. Then Sasuke uses the Lions Barrage and gets a clear hit on Piccolo, leaving Piccolo to lose... Piccolo awakens and does an ultra headbutt to Sasuke knocking Sasuke down. Piccolo wins the match and helps Sasuke up, after he revealed that he let Sasuke hit him becuase he felt bad for him.

Third Eye or ByakuguanEdit

Soon Tien Shinhan and Neji Hyuga takes the stand. Neji tells Tien to give up becuase he can strike his chakra. Tien gladly backs from that offer and prepares to fight. Tien comes toward Neji but gets no sucsses and leavign Neji open for an attack. Neji misses Tien's chakra points but Tien falls to the ground and quickly gets up. Neji then says that he can't win. Tien then does the Tri-beam technique which barely misses Neji. Neji then strikes Tien twice which send him flying. Tien then notices Neji behind him and Neji gets him again. Tien then decides to get serious and go all out. Tien and Neji fight like nothing seen before.

Tien then tricks Neji and uppercuts him into the face which causes Neji to get mad and have his Byakuguan on. Tien then uses his Dodon Ray which fails becuase of Neji's 8 Trigrams Palm Rotation. Neji then laughs but Tien strikes him in the ribs-seriously sustaining Neji. Then Tien and Neji starts trading punches and kicks until Tien got Neji with the Dodon Ray in the left lung. Neji is nearly defeated but gets back up. Tien then decides to fire up causing him to triple his speed, power and endurance. Neji then gets pulverized and Tien plan his next attack by using the Neo Tri-beam. His plan works but Neji is still in the fight and ends Tien with 8 Trigrams 64-palms. Tien falls down and Neji won. Tien then congradulated Neji.

Handsome Devil and Prince of all SaiyansEdit

When Rock Lee found out he was next he jumped down and saw his opponent, Vegeta. Vegeta went straight into attacking and Lee blocked and then dodged Vegeta's attack. Vegeta then teleports but Lee jumps from Vegeta and then Vegeta gets angry. Vegeta then powers up and karate chops Lee's arm causing him to drop. Vegeta then starts to kick Lee wherever he lands. Lee then takes his angle weights off and punches Vegeta making Vegeta faint for a moment. Vegeta then says to Lee that he can't win and fires a Galick Gun. Lee hesitates for a moment but then blocks the full blast. When Vegeta is surprised Rokc Lee does the Primary Lotus on Vegeta causing Vegeta to catch his breath.

When Lee is healing, Vegeta then threatens to kill him by nearly breaking Lee's arms, legs, ribs and more. Lee then opens all 8 Gates and uses the Forbidden Justsu: Hidden Lotus. As Vegeta is getting beat up, Lee prepares to finish him. As Rock Lee tries to crawl to escape Vegeta, Vegeta unleashes his Final Flash on Lee causing Lee to nearly faint. When Vegeta is about to kill Lee, Goku stops him-ultimately making Rock Lee lose the fight. Vegeta then walks over to outside.
Rockleevsvegeta 02

Rock Lee vs Vegeta

Kaioken vs Nine-Tailed FoxEdit

As every ninja in the village comes to watch the fight with Goku vs. Naruto Uzumaki, they both take their stand. Naruto then says he vows to win and Goku simpily wishes him luck and gets ready. When the match starts, Goku and Naruto strikes at the right time. Goku easily dodges the kunais and Naruto goes toward Goku to attack him. Goku blocks the attacks and soon launches a punch on Naruto making Naruto spin in the air and jump back. Naruto then attacks him again only this time Goku punches him in the back. Naruto then wonders why can't he hit Goku and then Goku unleashes the Kamehameha. Naruto blocks the attack but Goku does a combo on him. Soon Sasuke has doubts for Naruto. When Naruto gets up, he throws shurikens and while Goku blocks them, Naruto kicks Goku in the stomach making Goku fall.

Goku then congradulates Naruto. Then Goku does a Kaioken attack on Naruto which causes Naruto to almost faint. Naruto then gets up and and does the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Naruto uses the Uzumaki Barrage on Goku. Goku slowly gets up but Naruto punches him in the face and Goku falls back to his back. Naruto then told him to give up while he has the chance but Goku uses Solar Flare on Naruto and tripple kicks him. Naruto flies back to the wall outside. Naruto then swore to not gie up and Goku and Naruto blaze in the sun's moonlight. Then Naruto sits while Goku performs the Spirit Bomb. When everybody puts their hand up, Goku's Spirit Bomb is at max and is prepared to launch. Sarutobi is astounded that Goku and hold visible chakra in his hand. Naruto then plans on blocking, and when he does he flies back and nearly faints again.

Then Goku comes at him hitting him until Naruto punches him 4 times (in the stomach, the ribs, the left cheek, and the right cheek). Soon they punch each other and Naruto uses the Nine-Tailed Fox's power and powers up. Goku then goes Kaiokenx50 and the intrense part of the fight reers near. As they fight in incredible speed, everyone's barely keeping up and Goku and Naruto trades punches for a while until they knock each other out (almost) then they plan on finishing each other off. As they punch each others fist, a loud boom happens and both fighters can't move and the match is a tie. Everyone seems relieved that none of them died. Then Goku set out to train somewhere out extremely far from the village hidden in the Leaves.
Gokuvsnaruto 02

Naruto vs Goku

Gaara of the Desert ArcEdit

Gaara's arrivalEdit

When the village is celebrating, Gaara a sand shinobi gets disturbed and goes out to kill the leaf village ninja. He takes Temari and Kankuro as back up in case he (rarely) might get hurt. As the leaf village is celebrating, Goku is training and King Kai and him senses a strong power coming near Goku. Goku then decides to continue on and find out who was the on with the strong power. Then Goku comes face to face with Gaara. They both get a glimps at each other but Gaara continues toward the leaf village and Goku explains to King Kai that he doesn't seem too friendly. Then when Naruto, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Gohan senses Gaara's presence, Naruto spots Gaara and his sibilings on a tree. They come down and Gaara tells th ninjas that he'll kill them.

Gaara of the Sand vs Leaf Village ShinobiEdit

Everyone gets freaked out and soon Kiba and Yamcha decide tp fight. As Kiba easily gets defeated and is left with a whole in his chest, Yamcha squares off against Temari and Kankuro which he defeats with a Neon Wolf Fang fist. Then Yamcha challenges Gaara and struggles to hit him. Gaara then defeats Yamcha and soon Tien went. Tien actually broke Gaara's sand shield and starts beating Gaara up. Only to discover he was beating up the sand armor. Gaara then defeats Tien. Piccolo goes up and fights Gaara for an extended amount of time. After Piccolo's Light Grenade, Gaara finishes him, unleashing Gohan and Krillin's rage. Both of them gets a few hits on Gaara but eventually fall to his might.

Vegeta then was eager to got next but Neji went saying that he will defeat Gaara. As they both seem even, Neji notices Gaara's chakra rising little by little. Soon Neji' 8 Trigrams 128-palms isn't enough to beat Gaara and Gaara blows Neji away. Sasuke then tries and vows to kill Gaara. Gaara and Sasuke's battle rages on as Goku finally realizes what's going on and returns to help his friends on his flying Nimbus. When Sasuke's power fails him, he faints and Vegeta takes the stand. Vegeta does pretty well but after Gaara let's some of his demon's chakra out, Vegeta starts to get his tail whipped especially in the episod "Vegeta Shattered: Goku arrives to the rescue". Once Gaara sets his sights on Naruto, Naruto freezes in fear. Moments later Goku arrives and compliments Naruto for survivng (and the others).

The Power of twoEdit

Goku admits to everyone that he can't beat Gaara alone. He says he needs Naruto's help to beat him. Naruto then gets prepared for battle but Goku first says he wants to see how good Gaara is, by striking Gaara. At first Goku can't break the sand shield, then Goku's knuckles unleashes a devastating blow on Gaara. Making Gaara flinch for a moment. Temari and Kankuro then noticed that they saw Goku in the forest before and that they thought he was weak. Then Gaara told them to shut up because he said Goku was hiding his true power. After the Goku tries to strike again only this time Gaara easily evades Goku's attempts to hit him. Goku complimented Gaara by saying he's faster than Goku originally thought. Then Naruto, and Goku go head on with the sand demon king Gaara. They all trade punches in the beginning until Naruto gets knocked out. Making Goku fight alone. Goku also notices Gaara's chakra slowly rising.

Which forces Goku to use the Kaioken attack. Gaara gets injured but manages to heal from it. Before Gaara could build his chakra, Naruto punches Gaara to the trees. Gaara starts to get mad and uses his Sand Shower Abomination Jutsu. Goku shields him and Naruto with the force field he can make. Naruto and Gaara then duel but after Naruto kicks him, Gaara flings Naruto back to the ground with his Finger Press Sandser Jutsu. Goku then helps Naruto but soon Gaara has them both in his Sand Coffin: Sand Burial Jutsu. As Gaara crushes them, Goku breaks both Naruto and him free and they both thrash Gaara until Gaara thrashes them back. Then Gaara makes a clone of himself and Naruto fights the sand clone as Goku fights the real one. Both heroes struggle against their enemy but manages to get them down. When the three punch each other back, Naruto decides to power up to max. Goku goes to Kaiokenx50 and Gaara uses his Demon's chakra. As Goku pummells Gaara into the dirt Naruto thinks he might lose for a second until he sees Goku getting beat up after trying to recover from the jutsu. Gaara the gets him in the Sand Burial to end Goku until Naruto uses his demon's chakra and destroys the Jutsu.

After Goku tells Naruto to stall Gaara while he uses the Spirit Bomb. As Naruto and Gaara has an uneding duel, Goku gets on his flying Nimbus and gathers energy from the planet. When everyone including Gaara (only because Naruto lifted his hand) gives Goku some energy, Temari and Kankuro throws shurikens attempting to stop Goku. This plan si about to wirk until Sasuke and Vegeta stops it by taking the hit. When Goku finishes the Spirit Bomb, he launches it at the right time. Only for Gaara to jump over it, a blue-ish white-ish ball hurls toward Naruto. Goku tells Naruto to bounce it back beacuse he's got a good spirit. Naruto then pushes the blast back and Gaara lands right into it. Naruto and Goku falls to the ground knowing Gaara is defeated. Gaara then learns that Goku and Naruto get strong by fighting for others.
Gaara vs naruto by destino1979

Naruto and Gaara beat up

Tyranny of Frieza ArcEdit

Reign of Terror: Son Goku's pastEdit

As the galactic ruler known as Lord Frieza comes to earth in a Saiyan space pod, Goku tells Naruto, Neji, Rock Lee, Gaara, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Tien, Kiba, Yamcha, and Shikamaru the fight he had with Frieza. He said that he was about to die until his father saved him. He also said that if his father never died, he would've never got the strength to beat Frieza. Meanwhile Frieza nears earth and the warriors plan to train before he get there. Frieza made a vow to slaughter Goku and then Vegeta and then take over planet Earth.

After 9 months, Frieza arrives and the survival of Earth begins. Frieza spots somebody with his scouter and notices that it's a weak power. When Sakura finds Frieza, she is determined to fight him until she dies. As Frieza toys with her, Naruto is on his way, followed by Goku & Gaara, Vegeta and the others. When Naruto arrives, he sees Sakura almost dead. Frieza kicks her to Naruto. Moments after the others arrive, Naruto is ready for battle and decides to fight Frieza alone (much to Vegeta's displeasure).

Frieza 100% Full power vs Super Saiyan Goku in an epic duel

A Underdog's True PowerEdit

Naruto begins to fight Frieza and doesn't have any success. Frieza then toys with him and beats him up. Vegeta then begs Goku to let him fight but Goku said that Naruto can beat Frieza. Naruto told Frieza he was training with the Sanin Grand Master Jaraiya. Frieza then burns Naruto's leg when he used his eye beams. Naruto is unable to move but uses a shuriken, kunai and demon wind shuriken barrage. Frieza dodges all of the weapons except the demon wind shuriken and throws it back at Naruto. As everyone thinks naruto can't move Naruto gasps and wonders what to do. Frieza then said it was a fun battle while it lasted but Naruto made himself fall and the shuriken went straight on pass the forest. Naruto then forces himself to get up and he uses his Uzumaki Barrage on Frieza. The first time it fails until Naruto tricks Frieza and uses the Uzumaki Barrage. When Naruto smirks at Frieza, Frieza gets angered by Naruto's impudent behavior and actions towards him. Frieza then goes all out but fails to hit Naruto. Naruto kicks Frieza into the sky and then slams him down. When fireza gets up he decides to transform to kill Naruto. Under Frieza's breath, he said that he never thought a human would bring this out of him.

Frieza powering up against Naruto

Frieza's TerrifyingTransformationsEdit

Frieza wipes the blood of his face and transforms. Naruto is in a state of shock for a moment at how big Frieza got. Naruto then fearfully blocks but Frieza punches the block and Naruto is sent sliding on the ground, screaming in agony. When Naruto gets up Frieza immediately headbutts him and kicks him up and then blasts him down. Frieza then laughs in despair as Naruto struggles to get up. When Naruto gets up he becomes more confident about fighting Frieza and his chakra skyrockets past Frieza's (barely). Naruto then counters Frieza's kick with a knee to the chest and Frieza gets sent flying into orbit. When Frieza gains consciousness back, he shoots his eye beams and Naruto's leg gets fried.
Frieza Form 3

Frieza transforms into his third form

Naruto is still determined to fight and runs toward Frieza. Naruto punches Frieza in the face and then Frieza and Naruto were wrestling with hands. But Naruto is sliding back on his feet beacuse of Frieza's weight and bulkyness. Naruto finds it hard to control the duel and he gets kneed in the stomach and then gets karate chopped out of the sky. When Naruto arises he does the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, he first punches Frieza into the sky, then his clones and him punches down on Frieza causing him to nearly fall to the ground. Only for two Naruto's to kick him in the face and punch him in the stomach. Finally they both smash down on Frieza and Frieza is bleeding as much as Naruto. Naruto then has complete confidence. Frieza then transforms again and easily becomes Naruto's match. Naruto then sets a paper bomb on Frieza making Frieza super mad. Frieza then transforms again to his final form. Then Naruto gets focused and his chakra rises too (but not to the same extent as Frieza's).

Mecha Frieza RevealedEdit

Frieza quickly defeats Naruto and soon turns to Goku to fight. Goku looks ready to fight until Naruto grabbed Frieza's leg. Frieza then kicks Naruto. Then Frieza walks closer to Goku. Slowly Naruto gets up and uses the last of his chakra into a ball of chakra called the Rasengan. When Goku tells Frieza to turn around, he quickly turns and sees Naruto jumping towards him. Frieza is shocked and soon gets hit on the left side by Naruto's Rasengan. Badly burning his body, Naruto assumes the fight is over until robotic parts are added to Frieza's left side and Frieza begins to kill Naruto.
517px-Frieza Kienzan

Frieza throwing a homing destructo disc at Naruto

Soon after Naruto gtes power from his demon, Naruto uses his Uzumaki Barrage and Frieza flies to the sky and creates a Death Ball to kill Naruto and the planet. As Vegeta's anger rises, Goku tells Naruto to focus the demon's chakra into his Rasengan and maybe he'll defeat Frieza. Naruto then creates a Rasengan with the last of his chakra and pushes his Rasengan against the Death Ball. Naruto is slowly loosing chakra and is losing the fight until he drains some of his life to reverse both attacks back on Frieza, obliterating him.

The Ginyu Force ArcEdit

Naruto's AngerEdit

1166161-ginyu force super

The Ginyu Force pose when Vegeta, Naruto, Gohan, Gaara, and Krillin arrive on planet Namek

When the fighters decide to find Dragon Balls on planet Namek, So Vegeta decides to go to planet Namek with Naruto, Gohan, Gaara, and Krillin. When they leave Goku said he'll be on his way after he trains with Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata. When Vegeta and the others arrived on Namek, they met up with the Ginyu Force. Soon after, Captain Ginyu and Vegeta left to recover the Namekian Dragon Balls. Meanwhile Jeice, Burter, Recoome, and Guldo were making fun of Naruto, Gaara, Gohan, and Krillin (mostly Naruto and Gohan).

Soon Guldo says he'll fight them. Before Gohan is about to fight, Naruto says he'll take care of the green ape. Guldo then goes straight to killing him. As the two fight Jeice and Burter are carefully examining Naruto's chakra rising out of anger. Guldo jacks naruto in the face and Naruto goes flying.

Then Guldo pounds Naruto. When Naruto gets up he uses his Shadow Clones to get use his Rasengan and after Naruto pops Guldo in the mouth, he kills him with the Rasengan. Jeice, Burter and Recoome gasped about how strong Naruto was. Then Naruto and Gaara sensed how strong Recoome was. Then Gaara decided to fight together so they could take him down quicker. When the four gang up on Recoome they start good until he gets serious and thrashes them all until Krillin said he'd fight him first. As Recoome is slowly killing Krillin, Krillin powers to the max (Unlocked Potential). Krillin then succssesfully gets Recoome with his Distructo Disc. Then after Krillin faints. Gohan then comes up to the stand and easily gets thrashed. Then Gaara fights Recoome with no succsses becuase of Recoome being faster. Gaara uses his Sand Shower Abomination to damage Recoome which .01-0 damage at all. Recoome then does the Recoome punch and Gaara faints. Naruto then immediately turns to Nine-Tailed Naruto and takes the advantage in the fight. Then Recoome eventually finishes Naruto by using his strongest attack.

Goku vs GinyuEdit

Goku decides to go to planet Namek to see how things are doing. Sasuke, Hinata, Sakura and Piccolo decides to join him. When they set off to Namek, Goku Piccolo and Sasuke fight under 100x gravity while Sakura and Hinata worked on their healing skills. When They got to Namek, Goku noticed Gohan and the others chakras are almost at zero. Jeice and Burter comes face to face with Goku. Goku first uses his senzu beans on Krillin, Gohan, Gaara, and Naruto. Goku then goes to challenge the Ginyu Force much to Gohan and Krillin's displeasure. Goku reminds Recoome, Jeice and Burter who he is and then they remember from several years back. When Recoome strikes Goku he misses and Goku elbows him to the stomach. After Goku is prepared to fight Burter and Jeice until Orochimaru bites Sasuke, giving him the Curse Mark.

Sasuke then uses the Curse Mark (on accident) and tells Goku that he will fight Burter and Jiece. Then the battle rages on when Captain Ginyu arrives to see Goku and Recoome down. Goku tells Ginyu that Naruto killed Guldo and he accidentally killed Recoome. Ginyu then challenged Goku and they both sqaured off to duel. Goku reminds Captain Ginyu of who he is and Ginyu thinks of this time as a time for revenge. Goku then gets ready but he senses something else and Ginyu launches the first hit. Startling Goku and soon Ginyu kicks Goku to the ground to which Goku easily dodges.

Goku then fought with Ginyu and double kicked him to the cliff. Where Goku slams him down. Ginyu then uses his blast. When Goku emerges from the ground, he uppercuts Ginyu and thrashes him about with his Kaioken attack. Soon Ginyu took the upper hand and beat Goku to a pulp. He then gets Goku in the nelson but drops him when they both saw Sasuke kill Burter. Jeice then ran while Sasuke went after him. When Ginyu and Goku got serious they both fought all out and when Goku went Kaiokenx50, Ginyu did the Body Switch technique and he and his scouter is in was in Goku's body. He then leaves Goku in his body to die.

Goku vs Captain Ginyu

Ginyu power over 400,000Edit

Ginyu then meets up with the group and finds out Jeice is dead. He then reveals himself as Captain Ginyu and said to Gohan and Sasuke that he switched bodies with Goku. Sasuke then uses the Curse Mark and Sharingan to fight Ginyu. As Ginyu gets hurt he wonders why can't he control the body. Then Sasuke said that he needs to control his body and mind to use Goku's body. Once Ginyu realizes he can't control Goku's body, he plans on switching with Sasuke to get stronger. Sasuke then uses the Lions Barrage to send Ginyu to the ground and then he jumps up to finsh him by first using his Pheonix Flower Jutsu. Then Ginyu uses the Body Switch technique again.

As Sasuke is about to switch bodies, Goku quickly comes to get in the middle of it. Allowing him to get to his body again. Krillin then gives Goku the last senzu bean. Goku gets healed and then plans on fighting Ginyu. Ginyu uses his Ginyu bean to heal himself. Goku goes Kaiokenx50 and beats Ginyu up easily. Ginyu then fails to switch with Goku and again so he goes for Sasuke who is healing form both Jutsu's. Sakura gets in the way at the last minute and she switches with Ginyu. Sakura allowed Goku to fight her body as long as she got it back. Ginyu gets defeated even quicker. Then Goku lets him use his attack. At the last second Goku runs from it and pushes Sakura in the way and Ginyu returns his old body again. When Vegeta arrives he discovers that Ginyu used the Dragon Balls to wish for the same Curse Mark like Sasuke.

Sasuke then powers up full and tag teams with Goku to fight Ginyu. After Ginyu knocks them out Naruto steps to the plate and defeats Ginyu until he powers up to 400,000. Sasuke then powered down and Goku told Naruto to hold Ginyu while he plans the Spirit Bomb. Naruto succssesfully distracts Ginyu and Goku launches the Spirit Bomb at him which hits him and hurls him in space. Up in space he explodes within the blast causing his death. Later on Vegeta and everyone else except Goku went on. Goku went back to the ship and trained under 300x gravity.


Goku displaying his Kaioken on Cooler

Cooler's Revenge ArcEdit

Vegeta's pride against Cooler's priority: Super Saiyan GokuEdit


Cooler in his final form dominating Goku

Vegeta comes face to face with Cooler. Vegeta then fights him and and seems to be Cooler's equal. Eventually Vegeta and Cooler were trading punches until Vegeta got the upper hand. Then Cooler decided to transfrom into his second form. He quickly beats the snot out of Vegeta and feels pity for him so he lets Vegeta get 250 hit on him for free before he kills Vegeta.

Super Saiyan Goku holding his own against Cooler Final Form

As everyone frowns, Vegeta then starts hitting him and before 30 seconds has passed, he already got 100 punches and kicks. Cooler mocked Vegeta for being weak and said that he only had an hour to hit him or he was to kill everyone and destroy the planet. Vegeta then gets serious and uses all sorts of blasts.

Goku first ever Super Saiyan


Goku powering up to Kaiokenx50 against Cooler

Cooler at one point said one of them hurt. When Vegeta was done Cooler slaughtered him and blew everyone but Sasuke and Naruto away. The two tried to fight him but had no prevail. Goku then senses Cooler and goes to him to where he finds Vegeta dead. Goku then fights Cooler but does bad. He then goes Kaiokenx50 and still can't keep up with Cooler. Before Cooler was about to kill Goku, Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan. Goku impresses everyone and beats up Cooler. Goku stops Cooler's Supernova and kills him with a Yellow Kamehameha. Once they got to Earth, Goku searched for the Dragon Balls.

Goku beats Cooler up for killing Vegeta

Part II of Naruto Ball ZEdit

Saiyan Pride ArcEdit

Embarking AncestorsEdit

Goku and Naruto go on a quest to get stronger and after a while they meet up with three strange but familiar Saiyans. The Saiyans were King Vegeta, Bardock, and Turles. Naruto and Goku gasped when Goku saw his father. Turles then called fighting Goku and pushed Goku way far back from Vegeta and Bardock. Vegeta said he'd fight Naruto first. Naruto was ready to fight too. Naruto and King Vegeta were even until King Vegeta fried Naruto's leg alive. Naruto fell down unable to get up until he used the Uzumaki Barrage to finish off King Vegeta. Impressed with his power Bardock expects highly of Naruto and expects a good fight from him. But over the course of the fight, he's been changing his idea until they both power up to the max and severely injure each other. Their last Rasengan and Final Spirit Canon caused Bardock to win the fight but take some heavy damage.

Meanwhile with the fight against Turles arises Goku becomes more powerful up to the point Turles eats the last fruit of the Tree of Might. Making Turles 10x stronger than Goku at Kaiokenx50 form. Before Goku dies he goes Super Saiyan and easily defeats Turles with his strongest attack. When Goku finds Naruto almost dead, he goes Super Saiyan and easily defeats his father Bardock. After Goku gives him a senzu bean and they both continue their quest.

Turles takes over the fight against Goku

Elites of the PastEdit

Vegeta, Rock Lee, Kiba, Neji, Gohan, and Krillin go out to train. Instead they wind up fighting Nappa and Raditz. Teen Gohan decides to handle Raditz alone and Kiba, Rock Lee, Krillin, and Neji gang up on Nappa only for them to be defeated in order: Krillin, Rock Lee, Kiba, and then Neji. Vegeta then takes charge and toys with Nappa and finally kills Nappa. During the battle with battle with Gohan, Raditz starts to easily crumble him under his grasp. Gohan then goes Super Saiyan and nearly dies but finishes Raditz off with his Electric Masenko. Gohan wonders how Goku is doing.

Turles beating on Goku

Organisms & Cells ArcEdit

Hyper SoundEdit

Goku and Naruto sense two strong powers coming only moments later to realize that it was Orochimaru and Ultimate Cell. Naruto then fought Orochimaru while Goku fought Cell. Neither of them seemed to get a hit on their target. Then Goku decided to switch fighting enemies and Naruto took off with Cell. Meanwhile Orochimaru was playing around with Goku and Goku went Kaioken. Orochimaru was getting thrashed until he hit Goku with a fatal shot.

Goku on his first Super Saiyan form against Orochimaru

Goku quickly went Super Saiyan to save himself. He then goes Ascended Super Saiyan and Ultra Super Saiyan but easily loses to the Snake. Then he goes Super Saiyan 2 and defeats both Orochimaru and his Snake. Naruto then has troubles fighting Cell but thinks of a plan which fails because of Cell's Cell Wave. Naruto then summons all the clones he can and with the remaining two he has (including himself), he is able to overthrow Cell for a while to power up to Nine-Tailed Naruto. Cell then goes max and tries to obliterate Naruto but Naruto hides and then finishes Cell off by summoning Gamabunta to slash him.

Cell Jr. & Mega CellEdit

Sasuke meets up with Vegeta but quickly leaves him to get stronger by going on his own journey. Once he reahed the deeper parts o the forest, he encountered Cell Jr. who easily defeats Sasuke by throwing him to a tree then kicking him to the ground. Sasuke quickly gets mad and uses his Pheonix Flower Jutsu and kills Cell Jr. with a Lions Barrage. Meg Cell then kicks Sasuke to the sky but Sasuke blocks his next attack and punches flat to the ground. Mega Cell then gets up and uses all moves only Sasuke knows so Sasuke couldn't beat him.

They both summon the Sharingan and trade punches and kicks but get nowhere. Then Cell does his Obliteration technique and Sasuke nearly falls to his doom. Sasuke then thinks of using his Curse Mark and does. Sasuke then takes over the fight and reverses the Kamehameha, Galick Gun, and the Masenko back to Mega Cell. Sasuke then obliterates Cell by using his Chidori: 1000 Birds. When Sasuke starts to walk back to the village he sense a strong power and heads to it along with Vegeta's team, Piccolo, Girl Squad, and Naruto.

Jinjuriki Battle ArcEdit

Gaara's transformationEdit

Sasuke appears and sees Gaara out of control. He then fights Gaara for a bit and overpowers Gaara until Gaara's Jinjuriki the Shukaku transforms his arm, leg, face, and he grows a tail. Gaara easily thrashes Sasuke until Piccolo and the Girl Squad fought him but lost. Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and Gohan all lost. Kiba tried first and used to his Beast Mimicry to get some hits on Gaara but loses beacuse of no more chakra. Rock Lee then goes determined to stop Gaara. Rock Lee loses his angle weights but still loses the fight. He then opens the 8 gates and destroys Gaara until Gaara nearly broke Lee's spine (which Neji stopped). Neji then went up and vowed to make Gaara bleed which he did. Gaara gets angered and defeats Neji after Neji does several of his attacks. When Naruto said that him and Sasuke should fight together, Naruto decides to try to fuse by using the fusion technique Goku taught him. Sasuke mocked Naruto and disagreed with him until he desparately agreed (much to his displeasure).


Naruto and Sasuke use the fushion technique to make Narusuko!

They both make a succssesful fusion and calls themselves, Narusuko. As Gaara thinks it's would be easier to get rid of them, he doesn't hit them at all and Narusuko defeats Gaara. Before they were to calm him down, they unfused and Gaara knocked Sasuke unconscious. Naruto then fights but easily gets his butt handed to him until he gets confidence and weakens Gaara, making Gaara transform again. Gaara then gets hurt with Naruto's: Naruto's Ninja Handbook. After Gaara sets the Playing Possum Jutsu and Naruto summons Gamabunta. Gamabunta then fights the Shukaku. When Naruto find his chance to strike Gaara he does, releasing the Jutsu. Gaara and Naruto have a decent bare fists duel but Naruto ultimately comes out on top. When Gaara calms down he thanks Naruto and orders Vegeta to take him back to the village.

Gaara unlocks the sand spirit Shukaku from him

Majin Buu ArcEdit

Majin Buu AwakensEdit

A few weeks after the battle with Gaara, Naruto discovers a great power and everyone goes to check it out. They find a fat pink alien named Majin Buu. Buu then challenged everyone and quickly beats most people. Vegeta then fights him but only gets a hit on Buu before Buu blasts him with a Kamehameha. Sasuke and Naruto then attempt to fuse again and befoe they do Buu kicks them both. Naruto then fights Buu one on one and when Naruto unleashes his Uzumaki Barrage, Buu gets angry and uses a gigantic blast (shaped of a cirlce) to destroy the earth. The ground is coming apart and the blast slowly comes to the planet. Also the fighters slowly are getting sucked closer to the blast.

Desparate to kill Majin Buu, Naruto relies on the Nine Tailed Fox. The Nine-Tailed Fox then takes control of the body and evaporates the blast and beats up Majin Buu. Gohan then shouts several times to make Naruto realize what he's done. When Naruto does realize it, he gains control but gets defeated by Majin Buu. Goku then senses that another blast of Majin Buu has been launched and that he needs to hurry. He then encounters Orochimaru, Bardock, Turles and King Vegeta. Goku then outsmarts them and continues on until he fights Android 13, Broly, and Bojack. Each of them get beat up by Goku. But then they all fuse to make Ultima. Ultima then strikes at Goku making Goku unable to move. Goku then goes to Ascended Super Saiyan and seems evenly matched to Ultima.

Then Ultima powers up to Super Ultima and nearly kills Goku. Goku then goes to Super Saiyan 2 but is no match. He then goes over the limit to Super Saiyan 3. He then begins to beat Super Ultima ultimately killing him with a Ultra Kamehameha. Goku meets Majin Buu and stops the blast in time. He then seems even with Majin Buu. When Pure Evil Buu comes out of Majin Buu, Majin Buu and Goku work together to defeat him. Both seem to be powerless to the might of Evil Buu. Evil Buu then defeats Goku and eats Majin Buu, turning into Super Buu. Once at this form, Super Buu decides to fight Goku again.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku takes on Majin Buu

Super BuuEdit

Goku then struggles against Super Buu and then decides to fuse. Before he thinks of to fuse with, Buu absorbs Gohan and Piccolo. Goku then forces Vegeta to fuse with him. They perform the fusion dance technique and then uses the Potara earrings to create a split and form Gogeta and Vegito. Both with the chakra's higher than anybody alive at the moment, both fusions fight Super Buu and toys with him. Then Vegito goes Super and they both finish Super Buu with Big Bang Kamehameha, and Final Kamehameha. Super Buu then desorbes Piccolo and Gohan and seems to be finished. Gogeta and Vegito then decide to have a battle. As Gogeta wins first, then Vegito wins and then it's a tie. Then Naruto sees Buu transforming into Kid Buu.

The Monsterous Kid BuuEdit

As Goku and Vegeta goes back to their bodies, they both decide to fight Kid Buu but gets defeated. Then Naruto fights him with Sasuke. But they lose, soon nobody could fight Kid Buu. Then Gohan and Krillin gathered the Dragon Balls and Goku stood up to the challenge to stop Kid Buu by going Super Saiyan 3. When the two seem equal after Goku's Dragon Fist technique, his power starts to fail him and Kid Buu thrashes the hero about. Goku then plans the Spirit Bomb and tells Sasuke, Vegeta, and Naruto to buy some time. As Kid Buu knocks out each one by one, Goku gathers energy and forms a Spirit Bomb. Vegeta then fights Kid Buu and distracts Kid Buu but nearly dies. Goku then launches the Spirit Bomb but Kid Buu is pushing it back beacuse Goku is out of energy. Gohan then wishes that Goku's energy was back up. Goku then goes Super Saiyan and creates a Super Spirit Bomb and destros Kid Buu. Goku then wishes that one day Kid Buu will return to earth as a good guy and fight him. Almost a year later and The Sound Ninja Four comes and takes Sasuke. Shikamaru then sets out to find him.
Goku vs-624689

Goku fights Kid Buu

Sasuke Retreival ArcEdit

Unlocked Potential 100% RevealedEdit

Shikamaru creates his team with the following members as Goku, Neji, Krillin, Vegeta, Gohan, Kiba, and Naruto. He then make a formation for them to put Goku first, then himself, followed by Krillin, Vegeta, Kiba, Gohan, Naruto and Neji. Then they all head out to find the Sound Ninja Four. When they do Jirobo stays behind and tells the others to go on ahead. Jirobo then pust an Earthdome Jutsu around them stealing their chakra. As Krillin gets scared Naruto finds a spot that weakest. Neji then hits it and Goku blast it. They all then repeat that and soon the Jutsu is broken, Jirobo is surprised and decides to fight, Krillin is determined to fight him.

Everyone else then goes on and Goku tells Krillin to come back alive. Krillin then starts out not getting a single hit until he powers up and manages to be even with Jirobo. Jirobo extremely angered uses Curse Mark 1. Krillin is easily outclassed and soons regrets fighting Jirobo until he discovers how Goku never gives up and how Naruto gets stronger by fighting for people. Soon Krillin then goes into his Unlocked Potential form and takes the advantage of the fight until Jirobo gets fed up and goes Curse Mark second state. Krillin still gets pulverized until he finally gets enraged when Jirobo mocks Goku. Krillin then surprisingly goes Super Unlocked Potential and manages to kill Jirobo but puts a heavy strain on his body. Unable to move, Krillin sits huffing and puffing saying under his breath that he won and that he didn't die.

360 Degrees Blind SpotEdit

As Goku senses that Krillin is still alive, the fighters comes across Kidomaru. He sticks everyone to chakra webs that only Neji can get by. Naruto then told Neji to come back with them or else. Neji and Kidomaru first throw weapons back and fourth until Neji used his Byakuguan and severely damages Kidomaru. Kidomaru then summons his spiders which quickly becomes a match to Neji until he used his Rotation. Kidomaru then went to Curse Mark and quickly beat the snot out of Neji until Neji powered up and used his 64 Palms on him slowing him down.

Determined to kill Neji, Kidomaru uses his second state and pummells Neji to the dirt with his Jutsu's. Neji easily does the same to Kidomaru. Then Kidomaru explained Neji's blind spot as Neji explains his 360 degrees vision. As they both are shocked, both trade punches and soon Kidomaru is about to kill Neji until Neji summons the last of his chakra into a Gentil Fist style 128-Palms power ultimately killing Kidomaru and nearly killing Neji (though in the end it seems like Neji is dead).

Meta Cooler ReturnsEdit

When Gohan and Vegeta spot King Cole and Meta Cooler, everyone stops and discovers that they are working for the Sound Ninja Four. Gohan eager to show his power, decides to fight along side with Vegeta. When everyone leaves Vegeta decides to take on Meta Cooler and Gohan fights King Cole. King Cole quickly beats Gohan so Vegeta switches with him. Gohan then does his Masenko Gohan: Blinding Attack. Vegeta then prepares to fight Cole until Cole does his trump card and Vegeta falls but quickly gets up and defeats Cole. Vegeta then kills Cole angering Meta Cooler who slams Gohan down. Gohan then goes Super Saiyan and begins to almost kill Meta Cooler at times. Then Meta Cooler transforms into Meta Cooler final form and takes flight at Gohan and terminates him beneath his foot.

Vegeta then goes Super Saiyan but gets no luck. Vegeta then goes to Super Vegeta but gets pummelled and then Super Saiyan Gohan and Ultra Super Vegeta fight Meta Cooler but are immobilized from Cooler's psycho conysis. Gohan begins to get feeling in him once Meta Cooler is extreminating Vegeta. Almost dead Vegeta falls and watches Gohan fight Meta Cooler who easily becomes half dead. Gohan then with the last of his body strength transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. Both are equaled and seemed to be each others match. Meta Cooler then does his Supernova and Gohan uses most of his chakra to stop it. Meta Cooler then defeats Gohan. Before Cooler killed Vegeta, Gohan used his ultimate attack, Super Masenko Gohan: Electric Kamehameha Attack, killing Meta Cooler. Vegeta congradulates him and soon Gohan thanks him and then faints.

Flute vs Shadow Possesion: Dog vs TwinsEdit

Shikamaru and Kiba fights Tayuya and Sakon. Kiba has a hard time with Sakon and barely gets three simple hits on him. To make things even worse, Sakon's brother Yakon awakens and fights with him with a two-on-two. Kiba easily resorts to the Garouga Wolf Fang Over Fang. He succssesfully gets his target the first time but fails. Then Kiba then goes downhill in the fight and soon Kiba was saved by Kankuro who used Crow to kill both Sakon and Yakon. Meanwhile Shikamaru falls for Tayuya's tricks but soon gets the upper hand until she goes Curse Mark second state.

Then she took charge of the fight and planned to kill her until Temari came and used her Wind Scythe Jutsu and killed Tayuya. Meanwhile Goku and Naruto finds Kimmimaru and Goku tells Naruto to continue as Goku will handle him. So Naruto eventually finds Sasuke and confronts him and says he'll force him to come back while Goku gets ready to go under a raging showdown against Kimmimaru who reveals he was apart of the Sound Ninja 5.

The Widow Dance: Sand vs BonesEdit

Goku engages in battle and struggles against Kimmimaru who says that he isn't trying yet. Goku quickly powers to Ascended Super Saiyan but gets knocked flat by Kimmimaru's Widow Dance technique. Goku then uses the Shadow Clone Jutsu Naruto teached him and fought Kimmimaru but was still no match. Goku then goes Super Saiyan 2 and begins to catch up with Kimmimaru's movements. Meanwhile The Anbu Black ops take Krillin, Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Vegeta, and Gohan back to the village to get healed. Naruto keeps trying to convince Sasuke but Sasuke won't budge. Goku then finds out that Rock Lee has arrived and told Lee to go help Naruto.

Kimmimaru then strikes Goku and Goku can barely stand up. Goku then has no choice but to go Super Saiyan 3. Goku begins to use Super Shadow Clone Jutsu: Ultra Dragon Fist. Kimmimaru seemed to heal from part of the attack but is badly wounded. Then Goku beats Kimmimaru to a pulp until he goes Second State and knocks Goku to the ground. Gaara then arrives stopping Kimmimaru and seems to be equal with him until Kimmimaru is about to kill Gaara. Gaara then traps Kimmimaru with his Sand Burial and before he can get out, Goku kills him with a Super Dragon Fist. Rock Lee is hidden behind a rock watching what will Naruto do. Naruto and Sasuke then gets ready for battle.

8 Gates & Nine-Tailed Fox vs Curse Mark Second StateEdit

NarutovsSasuke 2

Naruto faces Sasuke in a final duel

Naruto and Sasuke fight but Sasuke takes the upperhand until Naruto finally kicks him and uses the Uzumaki Barrage on him. Sasuke then goes to his Sharingan and begins to beat up Naruto continuingly. Naruto unable to defend himself is saved by Lee who agrees to fight Sasuke with him. Naruto then punches Sasuke in the face as Lee does his Primary Lotus. Sasuke then uses his Super Fireball Jutsu and nearly kills Lee.
Naruto VS Sasuke by ArtBarker040208043647.gif

Naruto vs Sasuke in a final duel

Naruto then starts winning the fight when he first brung Sasuke under water. They both then fight on the bridge and are determined to kill each other. Sasuke then blows Naruto away and then goes for Lee. Naruto then stops the attack and blows Sasuke away with his Uzumaki Barrage-Rasengan. Sasuke then powers his Chidori up and Lee uses his first gate to match his strength. They both collide and Sasuke goes Curse Mark second state and beats up Lee and Naruto.

Naruto then goes Nine-Tailed and Lee opens all 8 Gates. They all then clash and seem even until Sasuke appears with his Neon Black Chidori and Naruto's Destro Rasengan and Lee's hidden Lotus. In ends in a tie but as Sasuke could move (barely), Naruto and Lee are carried home by Goku. Seeing how they failed and are in the hospital, they all sulk until they all spot a senzu bean which they fight over but lands in Goku's mouth which makes him healed.

The Omega Cell Tournament ArcEdit

Survival for EarthEdit

Goku and everyone else sees the news and notices that a group of fighters has come to fight Omega Cell. Goku then goes to where the tournament is and everyone else watches from the hospital. Goku then meets Mercenary Tao, Super 17, Raditz, Bardock, and Broly. Broly then tells Goku that he'll kill him and then kill Omega Cell. Goku then got powered up and was ready. Omega Cell said that if Goku loses then Earth gets blown up. Everyone then got shocked but Goku said that wasn't going to happen. The first match was Goku vs Super 17. As 17 been kicking Goku's butt, Goku then goes Super Saiyan and obliterates 17 with one Super Kamehameha. Raditz then fought Mercenary Tao and Bardock and Goku watched him the most but Tao was playing with Raditz until he killed him. Bardock then fights Tao without really being a contestant yet and kills Tao with a Final Spirit Canon. Then the final three are Goku, Bardock and Broly. Each fight each other at an intense speed. As Cell hopes for Goku to lose, Goku kicks Broly in the face and Bardock in the stomach. Making both team up on Goku. Once Goku faints, Cell says he'll prepare to destroy the Earth.

Goku in his mind then thinks that he can't give up and awakens as a Super Saiyan. As Bardock and Broly still team up on Goku, Goku finds a way around Bardock and fights Broly until he goes Super Saiyan 3. Where he and Broly are neck to neck but Goku uses his Ultra Kamehameha with Bardock's Final Spirit Canon and Broly was killed. Bardock then goes Super Saiyan and Goku goes down to Ascended Super Saiyan. They both fight until Bardock's about to win but secretly Goku's formed a Spirit Bomb. Once Launched Bardock dodges it but Goku blows him into the blast, making Goku in the final round with Omega Cell. Once fighting, Cell toys with Goku but soon stops him from moving and beats Goku up. Goku then goes Ultra Super Saiyan and manages to hurt Cell alot before Cell went Super Omega Cell.

Goku vs Omega Cell in the final fight of the series before Goku vs Naruto

Goku's Super Saiyan 2 and 3 couldn't stop him. Goku did think of tricks and get back at Cell but it wasn't enough. Goku then hides in a secret place in the city and creates a Spirit Bomb. Only to find out it isn't enough to stop Cell. Cell then beats Goku up but Goku beats him up as well until before Goku met his death, Goku uses his Super Saiyan 3 power and uses everyone on Earth to summon all their energy to which they did. Goku then creates a Super Saiyan Spirit Bomb and obliterates Cell. Once gone, Earth is at peace and Goku checks everyone up at the hospital.

The Homecoming ArcEdit

Goku vs Naruto: Shippuden ArisesEdit

Naruto and Goku have a a final duel of the season and as they fight they try out some new moves they've learned on their own and form each other. They both trade fists until Naruto controls the fight but Goku takes his wieghts off and controls the fight but both knock each other out and nobody wins. But soon Goku kicks Naruto but Naruto comes back and punches Goku. Goku goes Super Saiyan and Naruto goes Demon Tailed-one. Both clash in an epic Rasengan vs Spirit Bomb fight where right before they hit each other, the scene freezes and the show ends with them both about to hit each other.
Naruto vs goku by mikkup

Goku fights Naruto in the last moment of Naruto Ball Z

Naruto Ball Z ShippudenEdit

This part of the series is when everybody has gotten older and has learned new attacks. They go on new adventures together and fight some new tough enemies like Android R, Hyrudigarn, Orochi, Bagut, and more. Sasuke returns to the season as an antagonistic type of person but towards the end of the series he helps everyone fight Hyrudigarn. He then later joins the leaf village again. As he does make appearances in Naruto Ball Gt Shippuden, he doesn't return as a fighter. He is simpily just a villager. He does have one more epic battle in Gt. He faces Orochi reincarnated and nearly dying, he manages to kill Orochi.

Part I of Naruto Ball Z ShippudenEdit

Legends Rock ArcEdit

The Green Beast: Naruto UzumakiEdit

As everyone greets everybody, Gaara Kazekage of the Sand village comes to greet everyone. He asks Goku where's Naruto and Naruto arrives as the Green Beast. Naruto challenges Gaara into a fight. The whole village then comes to watch the match. Tsunade let the battle begun and Naruto and Gaara were neck to neck. Goku, Hinata, Lee, Neji, and Kiba noticed that a Hyuga clan boy named Nicco was watching the fight but got real suspicious. Naruto uses his tough fists to fight Gaara. Gaara starts out by controlling the fight and nearly choking Naruto to death. As Naruto was about to lose, he arises and starts to catch up to Gaara's terms. Naruto then tricks Gaara letting Naruto unleash his new Taijutsu attack; The Ultimate Entry. Gaara gets hurt by this but easily recovers. Only to find Naruto and his clones get him in a multiple Primary Lotus. A clone secures the bottom so Gaara can't escape. As Naruto can't move, Gaara seems to can't move until the sand helps him get up. Gaara then uses Sand Domination: Sand Crusader Jutsu. Gaara then supposily defetas Naruto by using his Sand Crusher Jutsu. Naruto then gets up and opens the first gate.

The Green Beast: Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto then gains the better end of the fight for a brief moment. Gaara and Naruto then power up. As both seem equal, Naruto takes off his weights so he could gain enough speed to counterattack Gaara. Which worked until Gaara used his first transformation but had 100% control over it. As Naruto gets thwomps by Gaara, Naruto uses his Ultimate Entry to but some time. Naruto then gets slammed down by the Sand Bomb Jutsu but blocks it. Only for Gaara to counterattack sending Naruto flying. Goku tell Tsuade to don't stop the match because Naruto leaps and throws a suriken but Gaara blocks but gets hit by a paper bomb. Naruto then uses his 4 Gates of Life Lotus. Naruto's body is strained but Gaara can barely move too. Naruto then sees hos opening but Gaara uses his Sand ball and Sand clone. Naruto then uses his Multi Shadown Clones for a Multi Shadown Clone Hidden Lotus. Which Naruto and Gaara fall. As Gaara is about to finish Naruto, it was a clone and Naruto finishes Gaara off with his Leaf Hurricane. As everyone cheers Gaara thanks Naruto for the match and heads back for the sand village.

Saiyan vs HyugaEdit

As Naruto meets up with Goku Nicco escapes to the forest where the gang follows and Nicco tells them the info about him. Goku then challenges him to a match and says that he must join them if he wins, Nicco then said that if he won, Goku would have to perish to his awesome mght. Goku and Nicco fight but Nicco seems to be no match for Goku. Nicco then uses his Eagle Strike pinning Goku down. Goku then summons Shadow Clones. Both fight eagerly but Goku comes out on top. Nicco then uses his Byakuguan. Goku then summons energy for an Ultra Spirit Bomb. As everyone lifts their hands, Goku powers up only for all his chakra to be blocked by Nicco's 256 palms. Goku then goes Super Saiyan and astonishes Nicco. Nicco still beats Goku. Goku smirks and Nicco glares. Goku then skips past to Super Saiyan 3. They both arte equal. Goku starts to win until his power fail him again. Nicco then pins Goku down and gloats. As Goku soon admits defeat, Goku goes past his limits and forces his body to transform to a Super Saiyan 4. Nicco laughs believing he can't pull it off. As Goku can't do it, he thinks of the people hes letting down. Goku then enraged goes Super Saiyan 4 and defeats Nicco with a 10x Kamehameha. Nicco then congradulates Goku and they all walk back to the village only to find out the Johnin exams will be starting soon.

The Johnin Exams ArcEdit

Kentrum: The Unatrual Saiyan RebornEdit

Gohan tells everyone that a whole bunch of people sign up for the Johnin exams and Gohan signs up to. Gohan then says that its time that he finds a rival. He informs Goku that Vegeta is his rival and Sasuke is Naruto's rival. Gohan then transforms to a teen again and looks for an appropiate rival. He finds another Saiyan named Kentrum, Kentrum talks all jerk-ish to Gohan but Gohan asks him to be his rival. Kentrum accepted, only if Gohan could launch one punch on him Gohan then fights him but gets no luck. Gohan then powers to Super Saiyan and still nearly dies by Kentrum's Pocehnzoha. Kentrum the goes Electric Super Saiyan and beats the tar out of Gohan. Gohan then goes Super Saiyan 2. Kentrum is surprised but still beats Gohan up. They both go on and on until Gohan is about to give up. Kentrum mocks Gohan but Gohan gets an idea. Gohan's idea fails to work and Kentrum gets the last laugh until Gohan also learned the clone Jutsu and punched Kentrum directly 100% in the face. Kentrum falls flat on the ground, having blood coming from his frohead to his nose. Also his mouth to his chin. Kentrum then gets up and declares that Gohan is his rival. They both then go to the forest for a little to have a real sparring match.

Preliminaries: Uub vs ZanzakaEdit

Uub (the reincarnation of Buu) comes and greets Goku. He then goes and fights against a guy named Zanzaka. Uub is losing and quickly sees Majin Buu. They both greet and Uub gets hurt. Uub then keeps getting hurt until he fuses with majin Buu to make Majuub. Majuub then is tied with the foe. Goku watches the fight and Majuub starts to get serious. He then manages to use the chocolate Kamehameha and eats his opponent. But he spits him out and claims victory. Majuub then sets off to train (Majuub isn't mentioned until the beginning of the Android R arc).

Majuub is permanently born

Rock Lee vs Neji HyugaEdit

Rock lee then takes his stand and battles Neji. Neji keeps dodging his attacks and Neji uses his new technique, 8 finger pulse. Tien then comes to watch Neji one more time. Neji then uses the Solar Flare and uses the Dodon ray on Lee. Unable to with stand the attack, Lee then uses the Primary Lotus but fails (due to not seeing). Lee then sees again and strikes Neji in the ribs. Neji counters by kick Lee far to the sky and then punced on lee with his Rotation. Lee is down and nearly loses until he copies Vegeta's technique and uses a Leaf Whirlwind Final Flash. Neji get s bloody and quickly uses the 64-Palms to save himself. Lee is almost defeated and uses the Hidden Lotus. Neji also uses the Byakuguan with the Neo Tri-Beam. Impressed, Tien claps and sees Neji nearly dead. Goku then sees Rock Lee almost dead but fainted. Neji won and said to Lee that he was impressed. Rock Lee then said that making Neji impressed counted as a victory for him.

Battle Royale: Kazekage vs Electric SaiyanEdit

Gaara comes to the plate to fight Kentrum and thinks that he will win. Kentrum then surprises him with his speed and knocks Gaara off his feet. Gaara gets up and battles Kentrum. Kentrum knocks Gaara down again surprising everyone. Vegeta stares at Gaara as Gaara then uses his sand gravity Jutsu. Kentrum gets hurt and Gaara uses his Sand Crusader. Unable to get up, Gaara then uses his Sand Ball to finish Kentrum. Thought dead, Kentrum jumps from behind Gaara and uses his Penchenzo Mengyezko move on him. He barely escapes the blast but gets knocked down by Kentrum's Light Beam. Kentrum then uses his Marangan Jezu technique and nearly dies afterward. Gaara tries to hit him but gets kicked to the sky, where Gaara punces down on Kentrum.

As the fight is a tie, Kentrum begins to get serious. Meanwhile, Gaara is trying to find an opening. Gaara is defeated and goes first transformation. He dominates Kentrum before Kentrum burns him with his Penchenzo Mengyezko. Gaara gets mad and transforms again. Kentrum gets nervous and gets pounded. As Gaara thrash Kentrum, Gohan tries to stop him but Goku stops Gohan. Kentrum then dodges Gaara's last attack and manages to power to max for his life. Amused Gaara strikes Kentrum and he flies backwards to the floor. Gaara laughs but gets kick in the face and then gets beat up by Kentrum. Unable to take the power Gaara still gets hurt. Not knowing what to do he continues to get beat up. Vegeta then laughs but Gaara sees him and hits him. Gaara then slashes Kentrum and resorts to his final Gamble. He uses his Sand Shatter Jutsu and gets countered by Kentrum's Blaze technique. Both are submitted to tie but punches one another before announced. Both shake hands as a symbol of friendship being made. Goku talks to Kentrum and Nicco appears saying that he wants to fight Goku again someday.

Nine-Tailed Spirit spar: Vegeta's Revenge Vegeta and Naruto soon go into battle but Naruto quickly goes to max and eliminates Vegeta from the competition. Once defeated, Vegeta gets angry. Kentrum fights Goku as Majuub appears (only in the original version) and fights Naruto to see what he's made of. Vegeta then gets mad. Piccolo comes from Hell and said to have defeated Raditz again. Goku smiles and says that Raditz needs to be put back in his place. Goku abd Gohan get ready for their fight against each other. Krillin, Choatzu, Yamcha and others come to watch the fight. Gaara wishes them both luck.

Father vs SonEdit

Goku and Gohan take their stand and seem to be at a tie. Goku is already a kid when he made himself change back. As the two fight Gohan can not get a single hit on Goku. Piccolo then screams at Gohan to show Goku the fruits of his training. Then Gohan goes Super Saiyan and Goku goes Super Saiyan. They both are tied but they both soon punch each other down. Gohan then kicks Goku to the sky and then blasts him to the ground. Goku then gets up and gets punched by Gohan to the floor. Goku then kicks him to the wall and air pushes him out of the arena. Goku then uses his Super Saiyan Kaioken finish. Gohan then goes Super Saiyan 2 and uses his Super Gohan's Ultimate Attack. Goku then fights Gohan but starts to lose the match. Goku then goes Super Saiyan 3 and uses his Ultra Dragon Fist to nearly kill Gohan he then heals Gohan. Goku then goes and uses his Super Kamehameha to finish Gohan off.
Gohan to the Extreme Pt. I

Gohan when he changes himself to a teenager again

The Akatsuki's Plan ArcEdit

Hiashi the MadaraEdit

As the village is peaceful, the Akatsuki rears near. Hiashi Tobi's younger brother is on his way to kill the village people. Team Guy then goes to kill them. Neji and Ten Ten then see who it is. Rock Lee then fight Hiashi and tries to defeat him but they are tied. Soon Hiashi defeats Lee with his Mangyeko Eye flash Jutsu. With Lee defeated, Guy thinks that everybody will die. Soon, Laruto comes in and slashes him with his kunai. Hiashi then challenges Laruto but Frog stops him and kills him with Water Frog Jutsu. But Hiashi actually didn't die and then knocks out Frog. Laruto then uses his Rasengan Bullet technique to officially kill him. Tobi then later on hears about this and plots revenge on the Uzumaki clan.

The Legend of the AkatsukiEdit

Goku and Vegeta are fighting each other in the woods until they sense two great powers. Itachi and Kisame then arrive and Itachi uses his Mangyeko Sharingan and Vegeta is almost 100% unconscience. Goku then remains fine and astonishes Itachi. Kisame then interacts in battle with Goku. Goku toys with him and take off all his weighted clothes. Kisame can't hit him but Goku continues to to hurt him. Vegeta tells Goku to ask Kisame and Itachi why they are here.

Itachi says that he says that they were there to ambush the village and kidnap the Jinjurriki Naruto. But he says that taking a Super Saiyan's power is just as good. Goku then uses his Kaioken Blitz on Kisame and then uses his mini Spiritbomb. Itachi then fights Goku but only lands one hit on him. Goku then uses his Kamehameha before Kisame traps him in his Water Prison. Then they carry Goku away as Vegeta stares as they walk. As Itachi and Kisame talk, Goku manages to escape without being noticed. They notice and head back. Goku then hits them both down and Vegeta takes on Kisame as Goku fights Itachi.

Vegeta uses his Big Bang attack and Kisame's left arm stops working. He then uses his sword to cut Vegeta's chakra in half. Vegeta angered goes Super Saiyan and is tied with Kisame. Itachi and Goku go at it and Goku goes Super Saiyan. Itachi goes max but defeats Goku's Super Saiyan. Goku then goes Super Saiyan 2 and uses his Omega Kamehameha. Kisame then uses his Water Dragon Jutsu. Vegeta then goes Super Saiyan 2 and uses his Final Vengeance Galick Gun and nearly kills Kisame. Meanwhile Goku blasts Itachi and they both retreat.

Uzumaki Clan ArcEdit

Laruto ArrivesEdit

As everyone returns to the village, Naruto goes to his house and sees a bunch of mysterious people there. They then reveal to him that they are the Uzumaki Clan ninja. Naruto then cries and hugs them. Laruto then reveals to be his brother and soon Naruto meets him. He also meets other like Bein and more. Goku comes and sees them. They all go out for some Ramin. Naruto makes jokes and everyone laughs from them. Laruto then challenges Naruto to a fight and then he accepts. They both then enter battle. Naruto starts to lose the fight when He reveals that he has elemental powers.

Naruto amazed then shows some of his attacks starting with his Ninja Handbook. Laruto then uses his Elemental Blast against Naruto's Rasengan. But the fight is interrupted when they are needed back at the village. Tsunade said that a villain named Greentail has come to seek revenge on two people. Kentrum and Gohan excitedly agree to take him out. Surprised, Tsunade said that if they came back alive, they would be on the plaque. Laruto and Naruto then chill out at his house.

Greentail's Vengeance ArcEdit

Greentail's RevengeEdit

Gohan and Kentrum head out and soon they go in the village's woods. When they get deep enough, they spot Greentail. Greentail reveals to be Kentrum's father and Piccolo's younger brother. However, he says that despite the relativness, Kentrum is not related to Piccolo due to a huge mutation. Although, technally he is Piccolo's Nephew. Gohan then attacks but fails. Greentail then slaps him and then beats him up. Kentrum then fights with him and then he gets hurt. Then they both fight him with no hope. Greentail then uses Dark Might Beam. Gohan falls back and then gets kicked in the stomach. Kentrum then bounces off a wall and punches Greentail in the face. They all fall, but Gohan then kicks Greentail to the boulder. Greentail then powers up and starts pounding on Gohan and Kentrum. Kentrum then punches him and sends him flying. Gohan angered then goes Super Saiyan 2 and is tied with Greentail.

Gohan then uses his Super Gohan Kamehameha Attack. Kentrum then uses his Super Pochenzo Masenko at Greentail. Greentail deflects it and it hits it back to Gohan. Greentail then thrashes Gohan followed by Kentrum. Gohan goes behind a tree and transform to an adult he then tells Kentrum that Gohan is safe and that he is okay. Greentail then kicks Gohan but Gohan counters it and punches him in the stomach and then kicked him in the face. Greentail then goes flying to a rock. Gohan turns back to a teen and Kentrum beats up his father. Greentail then says that he was just a minion in the Akatsuki's real plans to capture the Jinjurriki. Greentail is then dead and the two teens walk back thinking of what he said.

Afro Buu's ReturnEdit

Afro Buu's Intense ChakraEdit

Goku and Shikimaru are training against Naruto and Vegeta. Tsunade then calls Goku and Vegeta. She tells them that there is a great disturbance 500 meters from Konoha. She then asks if they go check out the massive power. Goku then agrees but Vegeta says no because Goku is going. Shikinaru and Rock Lee then go with Goku. They set foot outside the village and then sensed the great power coming from the beast. As they tried to walk, a barrier like force pushes them back in Konoha. Goku then tells this to Tsunade and she says to just wait it out until something goes into effect. The monster was Afro Buu and he is Kid Buu's younger cousin seeking revenge on Goku to avenge his cousin. He then continuously screams Goku's name saying that he vows to kill him. Meanwhile in Konoha, Neji uses his Byakuguan and senses that whatever the thing is it will be arriving in 2 hours. The ninjas then spread the word across the village and all the villagers gather everything they need and hide in their houses. Goku goes to a house and talks to Vegeta. He tells him about what he knows about the monster but Vegeta ignores everything Goku says and told him that he will defeat the villain himself. Goku then said that Vegeta is not strong enough to win and then Vegeta yells at Goku and flies away.

Battle in KonohaEdit

All the Shinobi and Kunoichi are standing awaiting for the monster to arrive. Hinata wished Naruto luck if he was to fight against the demon. As the power draws near, Afro Buu enters the village and sees everyone. He then walks right pass them as the ninja see his similarities to Kid Buu. He then spots Goku and Naruto in the distance and jumps to them. There he stares in their eyes with his moments before Vegeta challenged Afro Buu. Vegeta kicks Afro Buu in the stomach but he quickly heals from it. Vegeta then punches him in the arm puncturing it. It then quickly heals and Afro Buu punches Vegeta to a building. Moments before Vegeta faints he fires his Planet Phoenix Barrage at Vegeta. Naruto then steps up to the plate and does his Uzumaki Barrage on hims successfully.

Afro Buu then blasts his clones and him. Naruto then kicks him in the jaw but he quickly grabs Naruto and punches him directly in the stomach. Naruto falls to Afro Buu's mighty power. Goku then says that there is a better place to fight and they all take off. The Forest of Death is where they are. As each ninja watches, Goku and Afro Buu prepare to fight. Goku then comes and kicks him in the face but with no effect. Goku then punches him but Afro Buu counters it and kicks Goku. Goku is sent flying but stops himself and uses his Kamehameha while Afro Buu uses his Flare-Burst against it.

Goku then goes Super Saiyan and powers his Kamehameha up. Afro Buu then regenerates back together and Goku shocked gets punch but his arm lock breaker. Goku falls to the ground with blood coming down his mouth. Goku then goes Super Saiyan 2 and is tied with Afro Buu. Afro Buu then kicks Goku but Goku then throws Afro Buu and slams him down to the ground. Afro Buu gets back up and powers up to max. There he thrashes Goku into a pulp. Goku then goes Super Saiyan 3 and is still no match. Afro Buu then tells about his history and why his grudge is so strong. Goku shocked then used his True Kamehameha attack only for Afro Buu to deflect it. But Goku used that as a decoy and caught him in an Ultra Dragon Fist attack. Goku gets exhausted and Afro Buu then uses his 65 Kame-kicks.

Goku then falls to the ground. As Goku seems defeated, Afro Buu plans to kill him. But Goku gets up and tells Afro Buu instead of killing him he could ally with him. As Afro Buu is not convinced, Majuub comes and battles Afro Buu and is tied. Majuub then kicks him up as Goku kicks Afro Buu down. Majuub then tells Afro Buu that Goku did kill Kid Buu but that he was resurrected as a good guy. Majuub then said that he is the reincarnation of Kid Buu. Shocked Afro Buu apologizes to Goku and everyone heads back to town. Majuub tells the ninja how he found out that he was the reincarnation of Kid Buu. Tsunade surprised congratulated Goku and Majuub. Afro Buu then went to live with Majuub.

The Reincarnates of BuuEdit

Tapion's TaleEdit

As Konoha is peaceful and everyone is getting along, all the warriors and ninja go to a never before seen forest called Mystic Forest and Sakura spots a little guy. Naruto then goes to him and the guy went to Goku. He then said greetings to everyone especially Goku. Goku confused quickly sees how he resembles Tapion. The guy then revealed himself to be Tapion's reincarnate that was resurrected to tell the future of Goku and his friends. Vegeta then yells at Tapion stating that he is weak and challenges him. Tapion then beats him in an arm wrestling match in 2 seconds.

Tapion then gets down to business and tells both Goku and Naruto that they are in terrible danger. Afro Buu then asks why and Tapion gets scared but then realized that Afro Buu is a good guy now. Tapion tells them that two more Buu's have already been reborn 2 years before Afro Buu. He says that they are Afro Buu's older brothers. Everyone then scream in terror. Majuub then asks how did it happen. Tapion tells them that they were reincarnated by Kid Buu to cause havoc and chaos but at the same time seek revenge on Goku. Tapion then tells everyone that the older brothers are incredibly strong and that none of them has a chance at beating the two Buu's. Gohan and Kentrum then ask is that the end but Tapion says no. Tapion then told everyone that their is a greater evil than the Buu's. He says that an Android called Android R was one of Dr. Gero's last inventions. Android R is said to have more power stored in him than Cell, Goku, Vegeta, Naruto, Sasuke, and Orochimaru could posses all together.

Tapion says that Android R will create a bomb that will kill everyone. Shocked, Goku asks what can he do ti change that from happening. Tapion says there is no way to change it but he says that Goku, him, Naruto and Afro Buu will live from the bomb but just barely. Tapion then said also that a mystery person might survive that it could be anyone else out of them all. Vegeta then said that he was the one to survive and then he went somewhere to train the other ninja stayed in the forest and thought of plans as Tapion takes Goku and Naruto to Mystic Cave to where he had to train them if they wanted to change the future anyway. He said that their is a slight possibility that these two can change the future from happening but only if they get the strength required.

They both are determined and Tapion summons a duplicate to train with Naruto. Tapion #1 teaches Goku about the spiritual energy and power of the Mystic Cave and says that if Goku could master it, then he would have the strength to beat the Buu's. He then said that in order to beat Android R he was teaching Goku to arise from a Super Saiyan 3 to a Super Saiyan 4. The other Tapion then takes Naruto to Jiraiya and his mentor. They all then go up to a mountain to teach Naruto how to unlock Sage Mode. That would give him the power to fight Android R and the Buu's. Jiraiya already know about the situation and starts with exercise with Naruto and his mentor Fukasaku. As everyone plans and trains. Vegeta is getting stronger and then goes searching for Android R. He is looking as everyone is training and planning out.

Big Buu BlitzEdit

As everyone is done planning, they all await beside the cave for Goku to finish his immense training. Tapion reveals his age as 16 despite his short height. Goku is just about done with his training and thanks Tapion. Tapion then decides to join Goku on his quest. When Goku walks out the cave, everyone is shocked with his power. Piccolo and Neji made an estimate that Goku's chakra is somewhere around 840,000,000. Vegeta then returns infuriated that he could not find Android R. Goku then compliments Vegeta's new power. Saying his chakra is around 650,000,000. Vegeta gloats in Goku's face but Goku says that his Chakra is higher approximately by another 200,000,000.

Vegeta then glares at Goku and sees Naruto returning as Fukasaku and Jiraiya wishes them luck and head back to the village. Everyone then heads to a nearby city but it quickly blows up from the hands of Android R. As the explosions reach the others, Goku tries making a forcefield but he is still tired from training for 2 months. Android R makes his appearance and quickly flies away to another city saying under his breathe "You irritating monkeys all parish!" The explosions then reach them and they all hold hands hoping for the best. The whole city explodes and as the debris ad rubble is cleared, King Kai asks if Goku is still alive, no one answers and King Kai freaks out, Goku finally answers. King Kai relived tells Goku that Tapion was right and that everyone is dead and on his planet.

Tapion and Afro Buu then pull Naruto out together but Goku then wonders who was the mystery person as the mystery is unknown. Tapion gives them potions. The mystery person was Vegeta that took off. Afro Buu then went after Vegeta, noticing that the last surviving person flew away. Tapion then goes back to Mystic Cave and gives Goku the Mystic Dragon Balls to wish Piccolo and Gohan back to life, Goku and Naruto do so and Piccolo and Gohan search for the Dragon Balls to wish everyone else back to life. Vegeta then goes on a hunt for Android R while Afro Buu is on his trail. Tapion, Naruto, and Goku all travel to stop the Buu's. After a couple of hours, Tapion transports them to the area of where the second oldest Buu is.

Once there, Goku and Naruto prepare to fight Tapion uses his Manipulation method to seek Big Buu. Big Buu comes and introduces himself. He then said that his Chakra is somewhere around 530,000,000. Tapion fights Big Buu first and is tied with him with them both having Chakra levels of 600,000,000. Tapion then stops and asks Naruto to test his moves. Naruto then steps up and uses his Rasen Shuriken technique to kill Big Buu. However, Big Buu regenerated himself and and kicked Naruto to the ground. Naruto gets up and uses his Ninja Handbook attack. Goku comments that he hasn't used that in a while. Naruto then is evenly matched with him.

Naruto finally uses his Rasengan technique and then leaves the last bit to Goku. Tapion told Naruto to watch how much Goku has gotten stronger. Big Buu then fights Goku but can't even hit him. Goku then keeps punching him but he can't detect where Goku is coming from. Goku finally kicks him and starts thrashing him. Big Buu then threatens Goku by saying that Afro Buu will avenge him if he kills him. Goku then says that Afro Buu is good now. Big Buu then called him a trader and said that Big Buuz is the oldest one and that they can detect if any of us die. Goku then plans to spare his life until he makes fun of his dead friends. Goku then kills him with a small quick Spiritbomb.

Super Buuz ObjectiveEdit

Goku, Tapion and Naruto then head out to find Super Buuz while Vegeta is hot on Android R's tail with Afro Buu in the forest. Meanwhile, Piccolo and Gohan are looking for the Dragon Balls and found their second one. They have the 5 star and the 7 star balls. Goku then finds a castle and they walk into it. They then sense a strong chakra emerging from the ceiling. When it comes down it turns into Super Buuz. Super Buuz first talks about he is glad that Goku killed his brother. Super Buuz is then shocked when Goku tells him that Afro Buu is good now. Super Buuz calls him a trader and gets angered with Goku. He then uses his Auora Planet Crush but Naruto and Tapion deflect it. Tapion fights but gets poisoned by Super Buuz. Naruto heals him and then fights him. Naruto uses his Sage Mode to test it. It does well against Super Buuz until he runs out of it. Super Buuz then thrashes Naruto and kicks him to the ground. Goku then comes and shows off the fruits of his training. Super Buuz then vowed to obliterate Goku no matter what.

Mystic Goku AttacksEdit

Goku immediately powers to his limit to Mystic Goku. Goku then punches Super Buuz and then kicks him three times. Goku then blasts him with an Ultra Kamehameha. Goku then uses his Mystic Kamehameha. Surprised by his strength, Super Buuz gets angry and fails to turn Goku into chocolate. Goku then gets him in his Mystic Combination. Super Buuz is being defeated and then Goku uses his strongest technique, Legacy Mysticstar Breaker. Super Buuz is bleeding everywhere but regenerates and then powers to half. Still no match for Goku, Naruto and Goku uses their Spirit-Rasengan attack and Super Buuz nearly dies. He then charges to max and proves to be Goku's match.

He then blasts Goku and Goku goes back to normal. Goku gets thrashed and pummeled everywhere with no help. He then tries to fight but nearly gets wasted to atoms. Goku then talks to Tapion and Naruto on a plan he has. He will start out fighting weak, and work his way up getting stronger. Goku then fights him but quickly resorts to going to Kaiokenx50. He is then still no match but manages to hit him twice with the Kaioken Attack and the Kaioken Finish. He then goes to Super Saiyan. Goku uses his Angry Kamehameha but it was to no prevail. Goku quickly runs but kicks Super Buuz in the face.

The battle rages on as Super Buuz pounds down on Goku a few times. Goku then goes Super Saiyan 2 and uses his Mega Kamehameha but Super Buuz reflected it and Goku gets blasted. Goku then kicks him in the face and keeps kicking him. However, Super Buuz heals and then he punches Goku so hard that he goes to Super Saiyan 3. Goku fights him off but can't even hit him. But at the same time Goku is getting hurt from him. Goku then tricks him and uses his Ultra Dragon-Fist and Super Buuz and him talk about how Goku has no chance. Goku asks King Kai if he could win and King Kai says that he has a slim chance but if he can gather enough energy in Mystic mode, he will be able to defeat Super Buuz. Goku then uses his True Kamehameha and Super Buuz is apparently dead. But he regenerates and kicks Goku in the face and then punches him super hard in the stomach and then kicks him to the ground. Goku then goes to Mystic Goku and fights him off. They both trade punches as Goku is tiring out. Goku gathers some energy but it isn't enough. Super Buuz then prepares to kill him.

Meanwhile, Afro Buu finds Android R and tries to punch him but poisons him. He then says he'll die slowly. But Android R said that since he is an android, he won't die for another 1,000,000 years unless a gigantic attack hit him. Android R then punches him in the stomach and blasts him and Vegeta away. Moments before Goku dies, Vegeta and Afro Buu crash through the window. Goku, Tapion and Naruto then realize that Vegeta was the mystery person. Goku then asks Vegeta to fuse with him. Goku then says they can control one. He then says no but Super Buuz then blasts him. Finally he agrees, as the two fuse and split into Gogeta and Vegito, Super Buuz scolds Afro Buu for being a trader. He then nearly kills Afro Buu. Gogeta and Vegito then fight him and nearly obliterates him until he sees the errors of his ways and joins the team. Goku, Tapion and Naruto then sensed a power similar to Sasuke's in the forest near Android R. Vegeta tags along with them as the two brothers head to the Leaf Village.

Android R's Secret ArcEdit

Sasuke's ReturnEdit

Goku, Vegeta, Tapion, and Naruto all go to the forest and they spot Sasuke. They try to hide but Sasuke finds them with his Sharingan. Sasuke mocks them but Naruto quickly gets mad and fights Sasuke with Goku and Tapion. Vegeta watches for a minute but then goes to where Android R is. Android R stops and discovers that Goku is alive and heads towards Goku. But Vegeta comes and stops him. The warriors can't hit Sasuke with his Sharingan as Sasuke pounds them down a couple of times. Goku then teleports and Sasuke gets hit. Tapion then kicked him up as Naruto smashed him down.

Naruto then goes Sage Mode and punches him in the face. Sasuke then goes Curse Mark Second State. But Sasuke can't hit Naruto. Naruto toys with Sasuke until Naruto runs out of Sage power and Sasuke continuously kicks him everywhere. Naruto unlocks Sage Mode again and this time uses his Rasengan Barrage. Sasuke and Naruto then uses Chidori and Rasengan. Naruto then dodge the attack and then uses his Rasengan Barrage full power. Sasuke awakens and then fades away and promises to return to kill Naruto.

Vegeta's OverlordEdit

Goku and his pals then wait. Naruto and Tapion head back to the village. Goku waits there and heals himself from Sasuke's deadly attacks. Vegeta talks to Android R that he will kill him. Android R then laughs rudely. Vegeta then prepares to fight him as Goku takes a nap in a nearby cave. Vegeta comes and tries to attack him but he blocks the attack and he deflects Vegeta back to a tree.

Vegeta gets up and uses his Galick Gun to no success. Android R then uses his Galactic Breaker but Vegeta dodges it and uses his Big Bang Attack. Android R falls and then gets punched by Vegeta in the face and kicked to the stomach. Android R then gets up and whacks Vegeta in the arm only for Vegeta to counter that with his Final Flash. Android R blocks it and uses his Super Gala-Masenko-Guro Blast. Vegeta gets hit and is dizzy. Android R then tries to kill him but Vegeta pretends to be confused and uppercuts him in the chin he then throws him down but is countered and Vegeta falls to the ground.

Vegeta gets up and slaps him in the face and then they both stand and analyze one another. Vegeta asks Android R what is his purpose on for being created. He said that he needs to kill Goku. Vegeta then gets angry and said that he should be trying to kill him. Android R then headbutts Vegeta to a tree. Vegeta gets up and kicks Android R up and then finishes him off with his Genocide Breaker. Android R then gets up and shows Vegeta that he was holding back. Vegeta then blasts him but gets blasted too. Both are hurt.

Android R's RevengeEdit

Android R goes on a hunt and finds Vegeta cleaning the blood off him. Vegeta then turns around and gets smacked again. Vegeta gets up and then they both trade punches for some time. Vegeta then kicks him and then uses his Genocide Breaker. Android R then keep kicking Vegeta and then blasts him. Vegeta then uses his Dirty Fireworks. Android R barely dodges the attack as Vegeta goes Super Saiyan. Vegeta then uses his Big Bang Attack and Android R gets mad and tries to punch Vegeta but Vegeta then thrashes him. Vegeta then uses his Galick Gun and Android R gets annoyed.

Android R then says that he is going to use his true power. Vegeta then doubts him and then prepares to kill him. Android R stood tall and then powered up to where there was an electric around him and he was super buff. Vegeta then goes to Super Vegeta. However, he is too slow to keep up. Android R uses his Buff Sequel Jutsu. Vegeta then goes Super Saiyan 2 but to no prevail. Android R then uses his Garou Bomb and Vegeta nearly dies. Meanwhile Piccolo and Gohan found their fourth Dragon Ball. Goku wakes up and goes out the cave. Android R then smashes Vegeta to the ground and then kicks him to where Goku is.

Super Saiyan 4 LegendEdit

Vegeta comes flying to Goku and is on the ground telling Goku to run. Vegeta then tells Goku that Android R is too strong for everyone. Android R appears and doesn't even talk to Goku. Goku goes straight to Super Saiyan 3. Goku and Android R battle it out but Android R uses his strongest attack, the Gyro Ball. Goku gets hit and nearly dies. Goku goes to Mystic form and is almost a tie until Android R powers up again. Making him Ultra Buff. Goku then gets pummeled with no options. Goku does use his Mystic Kamehameha. Android R gets hit but then easily recovers. He then uses his 5 Star Hit Kill.

He first uses the 1 star to put him in a Demon World. The 2 Star repeatidly attacks Goku without him being able to detect his movements. Goku caught him and then elbowed him in the ribs but he then punches Goku. The 3 Star Goku would get hit with Ki blasts and could not escape. Finally, the 5 Star Used Planetary Cosmos. Goku gets hit and seems dead. Vegeta then gets up and is prepared to fight Android R. Android R then attacks Vegeta but Goku saves Vegeta and then kicks Android R in the face and he gets sent to a tree.

Android R and Vegeta noticed that even though Goku's hair is black, his hairstyle is different and he seems to have grown another tail. His skin is red and hairy like a great ape. he also gets more strength and energy. Goku then arises and uses his Dragon Fist attack. Their is a whole in the Android but he grows his stomach back Vegeta kicks Android R but counters him and then tries to blast him but Goku uses his 10xKamehameha to obliterate Android R. When Goku helps Vegeta, Android R's outskirts and remains are still alive and he tries to kill Goku but falls and says that because a huge blast hit him, the poison has taken dramatic effect and kills him. Blowing him up to pieces. Goku and Vegeta then heads back to the village. Gohan and Piccolo finally wishes everyone back to life that was dead.

The Akatsuki's Final Plan's ArcEdit

One's Who know LonelinessEdit

Gaara comes back to Konoha to see everyone wished back to life. He is happy but then tells Naruto that the whole Akatsuki is coming and Naruto then gets excited. Kakashi comes back with Fukasaku and reports to Naruto, and everyone else that Jiraiya is dead. Naruto then freezes and asks Kakashi to repeat what he said. Kakashi says it again and Naruto goes to his house. Each ninja and Tsunade is there and comfort him. He cries and then realizes that Jiraiya is still proud and watching him.

He then gets angry, takes his jumpsuit and quickly puts it on. He then angrily runs out his house and runs out the village gate as Tsunade and Kakashi are screaming a Naruto to stop and calm down. He doesn't and leaves the village in a storm in an instant. Gaara then says he knows what's going on and that he is joining Naruto. Kakashi and Tsunade then said that they both will be killed if they went to fight the Akatsuki head on without other backup. Gaara left anyway saying he'd be alright. Everyone else is in shock and Goku gets the thought that Naruto could kill himself if he goes like that.

Goku then says that he has the Sage Mode going for him. Gaara then comes along and Naruto discovers that by finding a grain of sand next to the grass. The two then go and are determined to settle the score with the Akatsuki. At the village, Frog, Karuse, Laruto and Nicco was going after the newest members of the Akatsuki as Goku and Vegeta goes to get Naruto and Gaara. But they do not go yet. As the whole Akatsuki is outside their base. In just a few hours, Naruto and Gaara arrive. Both determined to kill them prepare and scream at them.

Jinjurriki's vs Akatsuki Edit

The Akatsuki surprised ask Naruto why they are here. Naruto very angry tells them that what they did to his mentor was dirty. He then said that they killed Jiraiya. The leader then comes up and says that his name is Pain. Pain reveals himself as the one who killed Jiraiya. Naruto freezes and notices his hairstyle. He then gets angry and asks what clan he was from. Pain said a long time ago he was part of the Uzumaki Clan and still is but abandoned them to get stronger. Pain then left the work to everyone else and takes off. Gaara stops Naruto from going after them.

Kisame then says that they saved them the trouble of finding the Jinjurriki themselves. Gaara makes a crazy smirk and puts his Gourd on tight. He then tells the Akatsuki that they should preparer themselves. Deidara and Sasori then prepare as the other Akatsuki are ready. Itachi and Tobi both stand near one another and Naruto tightens his headband and prepares to fight. Naruto runs towards them and punches Deidara, but before Deidara could hit him back, Kisame kicked him back. Gaara used his sand to fight but the Akatsuki was aware of his tactics. Naruto jumps up and kicks Itachi but he counters it and Naruto goes flying to a wall. Up on the high cliff Sasuke is watching the fight commenting on it. He thinks Naruto and Gaara are crazy for taking on the whole Akatsuki. Naruto and Sasori then decide to take turns fighting one another. First one up was Naruto and Hidan. Naruto fights him and is equaled with him. Hidan then tries to scratch him. King Kai tells Naruto to not get hit or he'll die.

Naruto then kicks Hidan and uses his Uzumaki Barrage. Hidan gets up and uses his Death Clone Jutsu and tries to cut Naruto. He then tricks Naruto and cuts him severely on the leg. Hidan then punctures Naruto's right arm and leg. He then tries to stab himself in the chest but is stopped by a single kunai. Naruto then runs towards him and kicks Hidan to the ground. Hidan goes back into this mode and tries to kill him. But Naruto resentfully tricked Hidan and used his Rasengan x2. Hidan gets back up and his blade goes in Naruto, Hidan then is going to stab himself to kill Naruto. Naruto then plans a Rasengan and right before he gets killed, he kicks Hidan up and places a seal on him then shoots him down with a Rasenganx3. With Hidan unable to move, Naruto wins the fight. His cuts get healed. Gaara then goes up to fight Zetsu. Zetsu uses his Manipulate Fear Jutsu and Gaara gets kicked in the face.

Gaara gets up and uses his Sand Manipulation and slashes Zetsu. Angered, Zetsu then uses his finger sign and uses his 7 deadly fissure combo attack and Gaara gets sent flying to a tree. Gaara gets up and uses his Sand Ball Jutsu which Zetsu dodges but gets punched to the ground. He gets up but gets hit with a Super Sand Ball. He gets up and kicks Gaara up and uses his Half Shade Jutsu and Gaara gets a strike and gets blown down. Gaara then thinks of how Naruto and him were similar and think that he saved him from darkness. Gaara's Shukaku then gives him the strength and Gaara goes into his first transformation. Gaara then kicks and then tail slaps Zetsu. Gaara then throws him up and uses his Sand Crusader. Zetsu then counter's that and uses his Manipulate Fire. Gaara then gets burned and fell back. Gaara slowly gets up but gets triple punched to a tree where he ducks and kicks Zetsu.

Gaara then ran towards Zetsu but Zetsu counters but gets into Gaara's Sand Coffin Sand Burial. Gaara then turns back to normal. Zetsu then uses his Manipulate and uses his Summoning Jutsu to regenerate himself to kill Gaara at the cost of his shattered body life. Gaara then gets stabbed. The Shukaku then forces Gaara to use his Sand Burial, saving Gaara. Zetsu then faints. Naruto then goes up and prepares to fight Deidara. Naruto runs towards Deidara and Deidara then uses his creations. Naruto dodges them and punches him in the face. But Deidara planted a bomb on Naruto's back. With his back almost blown off, Naruto uses his Shuriken Barrage. Naruto then uses his Uzumaki Barrage. Deidara then used his giant bird. Naruto then repeatidly tried to hit him but failed. He then thought and used his clone. Once on the bird he gets kicked down and Deidara gets his revenge. Naruto then summons two clones and gets on the back of the bird.

Deidara is shocked and Naruto punches him off the bird and Deidara gets mad at him for destroying his creations. Naruto and him then interact in physical fighting. Deidara easily gets outmatched and Naruto uses his Naruto Ninja Handbook. Deidara then tries to get up but Naruto uses his Rasengan and finishes him off. Gaara then comes up and fights Kisame. Kisame is easily beating on Gaara. Gaara then goes into his first Shukaku Form and they both are tied. Kisame then uses his Water Shark Bomb and hurts Gaara. Gaara then goes into his second transformation. Meanwhile, the Uzumaki Boys goes out as Goku and Vegeta are hot on Naruto and Gaara's trail. When they get to the cliff, they run into Sasuke and fight him. They are all even until Sasuke pulls tricks but Goku and Vegeta then beats him and it ends in a draw.

He then flees and promises to rid of them. Goku and Vegeta comes and helps Naruto and Gaara face off against Itachi. Itachi goes into his state and starts beating on them all. Goku then saves everyone by going Super Saiyan 4. The four then goes back to the Leaf Village as Tsunade tells them news of the new Akatsuki member, Zazuna.

Saiyan Shadows ArcEdit

Viccolo's TrumpcardEdit

As Tsunade finishes talking, Goku senses three Saiyans that came to the Leaf Village. The Saiyans are looking for Goku and Vegeta but finds Hinata and Kiba instead. The two fights but to no prevail. They are saved by Neji and Rock who holds their own against Viccolo. Tien, Yamcha and Krillin then comes and works together. However, they all end up falling. Viccolo then attacks Krillin and Tien. He then batters Krillin and Tien kicks Viccolo. Viccolo then plants a demon that ambushes Yamcha. As Viccolo fights the Tien, Kentrum and Gohan are coming. Meanwhile, Tsunade explains to Goku, Vegeta. Naruto and Gaara that to prepare for Zazuna they must train as the Uzumaki Brothers went to go stop him. Viccolo and Tien are going back and forth until they stop when they hear a loud boom. Bagut then reveals that Yamcha has been killed. Tien is shocked and then gets defeated. They are then saved by Gohan and Kentrum. Gohan and Kentrum then double teams him and manages to give him a strong punch-kick to the face and the stomach. Gohan then uses his Masenko to send Viccolo flying.

A Saiyan's VengeanceEdit

Kentrum then decides to fight but Gohan is determined to show them what to do. Gohan then toys with Viccolo as Viccolo struggles to get a hit on him. Gohan then powers up to Super Saiyan and kills him with a Kamehameha. Yoto then comes up but Kentrum goes Max Power and prepares to fight him. The two are tied and trades punches for a while until Yoto's buffness takes over and starts pounding Kentrum everywhere. Kentrum then wonders how this happened and Yoto reveals that he can manipulate his shadow as a Saiyan and make himself faster. He then pawns Kentrum everyhwere until Kentrum unleashes his Pochenzo Ha! Yoto is then injured but heals quickly but Kentrum then uses his Brick Breaker and nearly kills him. Meanwhile, Goku is training with Vegeta and they have their next big bang fight in the Hyberbolic Time Chamber. Naruto also trains with Gaara in there too.

Meanwhile, Orochi who is revealed to be the son of Orochimaru rebels his father and nearly kills Kabuto who tried killing him. Orochimaru then prepares to kill him and they have an epic duel. Orochi is easily pummeling his father as he contains his father's very essence and is even stronger than his father. Orochimaru realizes this and tries to explode the whole building, in hopes of killing Orochi. However, Orochi manages to survive and saves Kabuto and Kabuto turns to Orochi's side, abandoning Orochimaru. Orochi stabs his father in the heart and then rips his heart out and reveals that he never liked his father and told Orochimaru he would do a better job where as Orochimaru failed. He then crushes Orochimaru's heart, killing his father and then using a jutsu to exterminate his body. Kabuto then rebuilds the place using a jutsu and Orochi plans his plan.

Meanwhile, Kentrum is struggling to fight Yoto until he is beaten down and is crushed by his might. Kentrum then barely gets up and uses his Ultimate Ken-O-Ken and obliterates Yoto. Bagut then comes and prepares to fight them all. As Kentrum tires, Gohan assists him in the fight with Bagut. However, the two proves to be easily outclassed.

Vegito RevivedEdit

Gohan and Kentrum gets their tails whooped and cannot seem to hurt him. Bagut is then prepared to kill Gohan but Kentrum kicks him. Gohan is still stuck but Kentrum then gets beat up and so Bagut is about to kill Gohan until Kentrum takes the hit in the heart and gets killed. Gohan enraged goes Super Saiyan 2 and prepares to kill Bagut. However, Bagut blows Gohan up but Gohan is almost down. Bagut then defeats him and is prepared to hit him until everyone gets transported to Kami's Lookout by Piccolo and Goku. Goku then tells Vegeta that Yamcha and Kentrum has been killed. Goku then asks Vegeta to fuse with him but Vegeta does not listen and so they start to fight. Vegeta is getting some good hits but Goku then dominates him by using his Kaioken Attack. Vegeta then finally agrees and so they use the Potara Earrings and rushes to the battlefield. They then notice that Tsunade is struggling with the foreign enemy.

Vegito then saves Tsunade and takes Bagut to the forest where they battle. Naruto and Tapion shows up in case of back up. Vegito is able to easily defeat Bagut. Bagut keeps doubting Vegito. Vegito then pounds down on Bagut multiple times and reveals that he is Goku and Vegita fused. Bagut then believes that it will be easier to defeat them. When Bagut struggles to even lay a finger on Vegito, Vegito uses his Salvage Combo and then blasts him with a Big Bang Galick Gun. Bagut then gets mad and Vegito lets Bagut get hits on him to make him feel better. Bagut beats Vegito but Vegito hardly feels the pain.

Bagut then goes Great Ape and starts to try and crush Vegito. Naruto and Tapion comment that the arrogant side is from Vegeta. Vegito then easily thrashes and shatters the Great Ape and then cuts his tail off. Bagut is then angry and starts to crush many things. He then injures Tapion and then Vegito kicks Bagut to a tree. Bagut then blasts Tapion, killing him. Vegito then gets angry and kills Bagut as Bagut says he is not the greatest evil to come using his Final Kamehameha. Goku and Vegeta then struggles to unfuse. As everyone heals, Goku decides to go with Naruto to go join the Uzumaki Brothers and Nicco. They then tell Majuub, Afro Buu and Super Buuz to find the Dragon Balls.

Orochi's Masterplan Arc Part IEdit

Orochi's Death WishEdit

Orochi is wanting his first phase to go into action by unleashing the last 3 Androids of Dr. Gero. He then gets Kabuto to program them to eliminate anybody that lives in either the Sand Village or Konoha. The Androids then heads to the Sand Village at an intense speed. As they go, Orochi plans his empire- First by digging into the Earth's Techtonic Plate Crust and then building with his Giant Snake. He then checks up on his father, Orochimaru in the Forbidden World. Orochimaru tells him that his destiny was certainly stronger than his but he will be defeated by an uprising good power. Orochi then tells his father that he has awakened 3 Androids to exterminate all of the heroes. Meanwhile at the Sand Village, the villagers notices the village being attacked and destroyed. Android X, Metalma & Metallic all causes terror upon the village and starts destroying it. Gaara is however still healing from his fight with the Akatsuki. Temari and Kankuro both senses this but cannot let Gaara be killed. They then send him in a re-cooberating pod to Konohagakure just in case. As the Sand Village is being obliterated and destroyed, Temari and Kankuro comes out and protects it.

Upon doing so, they see the terrible Androids and starts by fighting Metalma. The two seems to not be able to lay a finger on him. Metalma then gets bored of them and thrashes Kankuro and flirts but then batters Temari. As Temari is about to die, Kankuro saves her but Metalma makes quick work of Kankuro and throws him in the sky and then blasts him. Temari then sheds tears at the sight that Kankuro has been killed. She then uses her Wind Scythe Jutsu but failed. Metalma then destroys her fan and then beams a whole through her stomach, killing her. While Gaara is healing and heading for Konoha, he notices a distrubance and immediately shouts Temari and Kankuro in a crazy psychotic fashion. When the Androids searches for Gaara by blowing up most of the Sand Village, they then start killing the people and then blows up two more villages and towns, leaving only 19 town left out of 84. The Androids then heads to the Leaf Village in order to exterminate the others (and Gaara).

A Hero's BraveryEdit

As The Androids near, Orochi is finished building his Empire. He and Kabuto then moves it to the center of Konoha in hopes of getting the villagers and heroes to realize what they are dealing with. It takes time but Kabuto is getting them there. Meanwhile, Gaara comes finally and Yamcha gives him a Senzu Bean. Goku then explains that there has been two familiar deaths that has just happened. Naruto then explains that it was Temari and Kankuro who got killed. Gaara then goes into a manical state and goes nuts. He then vows to get revenge. He then goes with Naruto, Goku and Vegeta to the Hyberbolic Time Chamber.

Vegeta in SSJ Form (Super Saiyan) sparring with Naruto

Goku trains with Gaara as Naruto trains with Vegeta. Meanwhile, the Androids makes it to Konoha and then finds the heroes. The Androids first starts out by displaying their power by blowing up the cities and the villages. They then commit manslaughter and start causing massacres and killing everyone. They then ruin half of Konoha as a giant Empire takes place in the Middle of it. Orochi then talks to the heroes about why he is doing this and what was his reasons for it.

The heroes are then told of his backstory and how he was really mistreated, even worse than Gaara and Naruto combined. Orochi then reveals that he will now rule and heads for the Hokage's Office as the Androids fights the heroes. Yamcha, Tien and Krillin all fights together to handle one of them. However, their efforts are useless and they take refuge in a hidden nearby house for the others when injured. Kiba then fights but fails after Metalma gains Akamaru's Tail and kills Akamaru. They then knock Kiba out. The Girl Squad then fights but they are all defeated. Ten Ten dies due to nobody caring much about her (excpet for her suck up, Neji). Ino is about to die until Choji is killed and Shikamaru and Ino fights Metalma, to no prevail. Hinata then is about to get killed until Neji saves her and is tied with Metalma. Metalma powers up and starts fighting with Neji all around the Leaf Village. Neji then reveals that he will not lose and beats Meltma up. The two then trades punches and techniques until Neji grows tired.

Empire SlavesEdit

Neji is then getting shattered and battered in. He then is about to lose until he unleashes his 512 Palms and nearly beats Metalma. Neji then kills the Android with his Style 361. Neji then is hurt and takes some of the others to the house. However, Metallic kills both Ino and Shikamaru when Neji falls down. Neji is then taken to the house as Rock Lee fights. Rock Lee and Metallic are fighting. Rock Lee then uses Gate of the Life and is fighting with Metallic.

The Androids then learns that Rock Lee has nothing to lose unless he uses his last form. Metallic then beats down on Lee so much that he forces him to use his Hidden Lotus Form. Lee is then beating and thrashing Metallic and then uses his Hidden Lotus. Lee then uses his Leaf Hot Wind and Metallic is almost killed. Metallic then takes Rock Lee, Hinata and Krillin to an unknown area. Rock Lee is struggling. Everyone at the hideout makes a plan. Meanwhile, Goku is showing Vegeta and Gaara full power fighting when Goku goes Super Saiyan 4 and Naruto goes Sage Mode. They both then fights it out until it ends in a draw. Meanwhile, Rock Lee is losing Life Force until Metallic kills him using his Android Bomber. Krillin then gets scared but Metallic fazes through Krillin and then uses his Ultra Crater Bomb and kills Krillin. Goku then notices the next kills and gets mad when one of them is Krillin. Piccolo, Gohan and Kentrum goes down.

Goku & Naruto displaying their strengths

Hinata then runs away and hides. Metallic goes back but everything is deserted. Android X is causing more havoc as Kentrum is prepared to fight. He fights Metalma for a while until he is defeated. Kentrum then uses his Pochenzo Ha! and breaks an arm. Gohan then fights but then gets
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Goku and Naruto powering up to full power as Super Saiyan 4 and Sage Mode in the Hyberbolic Time Chamber

repelled and Metallic gets angry and handles Gohan on the Roof of the Plaza. As Piccolo heals Kentrum, Gohan is being thrashed. Gohan is then power up to Super Saiyan 2 and still struggles. Meanwhile, Orochi confronts Tsunade and fights her. She uses her Slug against his Giant Snake. Her Slug is winning and he is struggling. Gohan is fighting with all his might however, he is being dominated. Metallic then officially defeats Gohan and kills him after Piccolo gets blasted after trying to save him. Goku and Piccolo then screams out Gohan as he is now with King Kai. King Kai then contacts Goku and Naruto and tells them that the cause of the deatsh are apart of the Androids that were the last ones of Dr. Gero's creations that Orochi brought back.

The SparringEdit

As the four are finishing up their training in the Time Chamber as it has been physically 8 hours. Piccolo takes Kentrum to the hiding spot and fights Metallic. Piccolo struggles but then flies with Metallic to Kami's Lookout to where Piccolo fuses with Kami. He then is reborned and is dominating Metallic. Metallic then starts beating Piccolo up as both are now equal back to back. Piccolo then uses his Hellzone Grenade Deluxe and nearly kills him. However, the Android then uses its Cold Metal and nearly incapacitates Piccolo. Piccolo then fights him until using a homing Light Grenade to kill Metallic. Piccolo then races down to Konoha to find only some of the non-ruined parts okay. He then finds Hinata cowering. However, as he is about to take her to the house, he is strucked by a wave and killed by Android X. The Android then blows his body to bits.

They all then finishes Years of training in just in 14 hours. The four then races down to the battlefield as they find less than 25% of Konoha still good. As they search around, they find Tsunade beaten up. They see a beat up Orochi growing stronger and healing quickly. Tsunade then tells them of her past and explains that if they cannot stop Orochi, nobody can. Orochi then uses his Python Venom Jutsu and kills Tsunade completely. Orochi then blows up the heroes and heads for his Empire. Goku is then revealed to have protected everyone. When the four searches around, Vegeta and Gaara finds a secret house. They all go in and finds Tien and Yamcha with Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox King, Puar, Oolong and Master Roshi watching over the remaining girls, Kentrum, Neji and Kiba. Goku then reveals that Krillin was one of the ones to die. He also reveals that Gohan died as well. Chi-Chi then cries as well as Kentrum. Goku then makes a promise to Kentrum to revive Gohan. Goku then also explains that Piccolo got killed too. The heroes then hears noises and Naruto decides to go along with Vegeta. When they go, they try to find the noises. Tien goes with them. They then find Hinata being killed by Android X. Naruto's rage then splits and he starts to go out of control. Everyone then notices his Chakra Level rising. Sasuke then heads to the Leaf Village to check out what was going on.

Orochi's Masterplan Part IIEdit

The Nine-Tailed True PowerEdit

Naruto was angry and fought Android X. He used his Uzumaki Barrage but hardly did anything to the cyborg. Android X then starts pounding Naruto in. Naruto angered starts to actually go somewhat insane in his mind and fights using the Kyuubi's power. He is then fighting back to back with Android X as they are both tied. However, even the Nine-Tailed Fox has a limit and so Naruto's power starts to fade. Naruto then unleashes the Four Tails and beats on Android X. When Android X conivnces him to stall and waste his power, Naruto goes into Sage Mode and starts dominating the foe. Meanwhile, Goku makes a plan with Vegeta and Gaara to go find Naruto and Tien and defeat Orochi. Goku then gets Tien and tells both him and Neji to go and find the Dragon Balls. He then tells them that they already have 3. The two goes searching and starts out in the Village Hidden in the Sound.

Sage Mode Naruto jabs at Android X and starts to batter and shatter him repeatidly. Android X then tries to keep up but Naruto then unleashes his Rasengan Barrage. Android X angered starts using his combinations to no prevail. Naruto then unleashes his Giant Rasengan and nearly kills the machine. Naruto then toys with Android X until his powering is running down and the Android starts to gain the upperhand back in the fight. Naruto angered that he could fail to avenge the ones killed, unleashes the 8 Tails but it hardly works as Naruto is worn out and is still getting his self beat up. Just then, Naruto powers down from Sage Mode and opens the Seal to the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi is let free and starts to take his revenge on the Leaf Village. The Kyuubi quickly sees the Android and without hesitation blasts it. Android X nearly dies and then hits the Kyuubi a few times before noticing it has no affect. The Kyuubi then kills the Android by swiping a ferocious claw at it, ripping it to shreds.

Super Saiyan vs. Nine-Tailed FoxEdit

As the Kyuubi reigns terror, Orochi keeps on with his plan as his Empire is growing bigger and more of Konoha is being destroyed. Soon, King Kai tells Goku about the evil power near them in the Leaf Village. Goku orders everyone to stay and even Vegeta stays when going outside to feel the power. Goku is astonished when finding the Kyuubi and enters it in battle. Goku is easily outmatched by the Kyuubi's massive strength. Goku then tries his best to fight using his Kamehameha but fails. Goku then goes to Kaiokenx50 but to no prevail. He uses his Kaioken Kamehameha which stuns the Kyuubi for a while. Goku then kicks the Kyuubi and the Kyuubi reacts quickly and then slams his tail on Goku. Goku then goes to Super Saiyan form to where he tries his best to stop the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi doubts Goku and tries to bring his faith down. Goku then tells him that he will save Konoha and rescue Naruto from the clutches of the Nine-Tails Demon. The Kyuubi then attacks Goku but Goku dodges and then gets hurt. Goku then uses his Angry Kamehameha but it gets deflected and Goku quickly punches the Kyuubi.

Goku quickly enters his Ascended Super Saiyan pre-state and starts fighting at equal with the Kyuubi. Goku then fights the Kyuubi and then uses his Super Kamehameha and nearly defeats it. Meanwhile, Tien and Neji finds a Dragon Ball after defeating a guy at the bar. However, they meet Master Roshi and Launch and they help them. Vegeta talks to everyone about how crazy this stuff is. Sasuke arrives and then checks out at Konoha and finds Goku fighting Naruto in his Kyuubi state. Goku finds Sasuke and the Kyuubi nearly crushes Sasuke. The Kyuubi then keeps thrashing Sasuke. Goku saves him and then Sasuke takes refuge in the Hokage's busted office.

Goku then sees the Kyuubi turn into a Demonic version of Naruto and beats Goku up using his Demon Rasengan, Demon Uzumaki Barrage and Demon Ninja Handbook. Goku then goes Ultra Super Saiyan. When Goku catches on to Demon Naruto, he finally thrashes him and successfully uses the Mega Kamehameha. Goku then starts battering him and then goes Super Saiyan 2. Goku then starts thrashing and shattering Demon Naruto. Goku then goes Super Saiyan 3 and uses his True Kamehameha. Kentrum tells Gaara that just like Gohan and Piccolo dying, his siblings died. Gaara then explains that Goku will revive them.

Dark Force of EvilEdit

Super Saiyan 3 Goku decimates Demon Naruto on the battlefield. Goku then gets influenced by the Demon Chakra and enters a whole new form and becomes Dark Goku. Dark Goku gains control over the Chakra and starts to throttled Demon Naruto until he goes to Max where they are tied. Dark Goku uses his Fury Attack and then Demon Naruto tried using his his Ninja Handbook but failed but then uses his Demonic Vermillion Rasengan and nearly kills Dark Goku. Dark Goku barely gets up after hearing King Kai and the voice of Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin. Dark Goku then uses his Dark Kamehameha and Demon Naruto gets hurt and Dark Goku goes to max and starts to pound him. He then uses as Giant Dark Spiritbomb and makes the Kyuubi go to its hideous never before seen original form. There Goku is easily outclassed once again. Meanwhile, Orochi and Kabut both captures Sasuke using a special jutsu and forces him to share some of his blood, DNA and powers. Sasuke fights Orochi but to no prevail and ends up losing. Orochi then takes Sasuke's heart out of him and threatens to kill him. Sasuke then gets experimented by Kabuto. Meanwhile, the group finds two more and they have to find 1 more left. Dark Goku gets pounded so much that he goes back down to regular. He then is getting pulverized but forces himself to go Super Saiyan when hearing Chaotzu beg Goku to keep fighting.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Prologue: The Return of Goku

Episode 2: The Arrival of Raditz

Episode 3: The World's Strongest team

Episode 4: Gohan's Hidden Powers

Episode 5: The new Saiyans: Gohan's Metamorphosis

Episode 6: Snake Way: 10,000 Miles

Episode 7: 158 Days: Princess Snake

Episode 8: Perils of Goku: The Kami's way

Episode 9: Final Eclipse: King Kai's planet

Episode 10: The Mighty Nappa: The Saiyans Arrive

Episode 11: King Kai's Master Finisher: Yamcha's Demise

Episode 12: Saibamen Attack: Krillin's Revenge

Episode 13: An all out attack: Piccolo's Decision

Episode 14: Tien goes all out: 3 hours left

Episode 15: Goku on his way: The Namek's secret

Episode 16: Goku Returns: Nappa's presistence

Episode 17: Nappa Cannon go: The Kaioken Attack

Episode 18: Storyline: Veget's summary

Episode 19: Death of prosecution

Episode 20: A Saiyan's Duel: Goku vs Vegeta

Episode 21: Power of the Kaioken

Episode 22: Gohan's Mystic Power: The 5 Z-Warriors

Episode 23: Kamehamehax20: Kaiokenx3

Episode 24: Great Ape Vegeta: The Spirit Bomb

Episode 25: The Last Gap: A year later

Episode 26: Invitations: A Ninja's way

Episode 27: The Chunin Exams Preliminaries

Episode 28: Spar: Naruto vs Sasuke

Episode 29: Wolf vs Dog: Yamcha vs Kiba

Episode 30: Black Sludge: Piccolo vs Sasuke

Episode 31: Lions Barrage: Head Desparation

Episode 32: 3-Eyes vs Byakuguan

Episode 33: Neo Tri-beam: 8 trigrams 64 palms

Episode 34: Saiyan's Pride: The Handsom Devil of the leaf

Episode 35: The Ankle Weights: Speed Increase

Episode 36: Hidden Gates of the Lotus: Vegeta's principles

Episode 37: Breaktime: The troubled situation

Episode 38: The next fight

Episode 39: The Final Fight: Goku vs Naruto

Episode 40: Tools of a ninja: Naruto's Surprise Attack

Episode 41: Kaioken Finish: Uzumaki Barrage

Episode 42: Shuriken Deluxe: Goku's Minimization Method

Episode 43: Ultimate Triumph: Spirit Bomb Away

Episode 44: Max Power: The Nine-Tailed Power

Episode 45: Collision Debris

Episode 46: Gaara of the Desert

Season 2Edit

Episode 47: The Disturbed force: The Sand Monster Awakened

Episode 48: Out to kill: Gaara to the leaf village

Episode 49: Goku's intense training: Celebration to all

Episode 50: Evil Aura: Gaara vs The Village hidden in the leaves

Episode 51: Kiba strikes: Yamcha's Breakaway

Episode 52: Temari's Wind Scyth Shuriken

Episode 53: The Spiritball's hidden energy

Episode 54: Sand Shroud: Extra Large Spiritball

Episode 55: Tien's third eye

Episode 56: Dodon Supreme: In the name of Chaotzu

Episode 57: Gohan's Super Masenko: A mask of energy

Episode 58: Krillin to the rescue: King Kai's words

Episode 59: Super Kamehameha: Krillin's telepathy

Episode 60: Friends forever: Gaara's lethal weapon

Episode 61: Demon Piccolo Jr.

Episode 62: Special Beam Cannon: A life or death attack

Episode 63: Sand manipulation: Light Grenade

Episode 64: Matters of Power: Lack of energy

Episode 65: Rock Lee's turn: Primary Lotus

Episode 66: 8 Gates Unlocked

Episode 67: Infirmary Heroes: Neji's super strike

Episode 68: Rotation: A blind attack

Episode 69: 64 Palms: The recount 128 palms

Episode 70: Sasuke vs Gaara

Episode 71: A blaze of a fight: Fireball Jutsu

Episode 72: Lions Counter: Phoenix Flower Jutsu

Episode 73: Sharingan activated!

Episode 74: Falling Hero

Episode 75: Vegeta's Mighty Fight

Episode 76: Super Galick Gun: Vegeta's Dirty Fireworks

Episode 77: Dynasty Wars: Fire blaze

Episode 78: Saiyan Soul: Gaara's horrifying power increase

Episode 79: Sand Shower: Vegeta Shattered

Episode 80: Goku strikes back: Heroes vs Gaara

Episode 81: Sand Armor: Sand Stream boundary

Episode 82: Body Puncture: Naruto's Internal Journey

Episode 83: Power of Kaiokenx20: The Intense body increase

Episode 84: Naruto back in shape: Last hope on the Spiritbomb

Episode 85: The tale of Frieza

Episode 86: Kid Goku vs Frieza: Goku's unusual story

Episode 87: Frieza's Triumph: The hunt begins

Episode 88: just in a few hours: Naruto's Incredible new training

Episode 89: Rasengan: Over the top

Episode 90: Frieza the Tyrant: Sakura's demise

Episode 91: Naruto vs Galactic Ruler

Episode 92: The topdog of the world: Naruto's shuriken Barrage

Episode 93: 2nd Transformation: Naruto's Ninja Handbook

Episode 94: Chaos with bombs: A threat against earth

Episode 95: Rasengan vs Deathball: The life of a hero

Season 3Edit

Episode 96: Capsal Corp Inc. Federation: Piccolo's test

Episode 97: Krillin's new theory: The planet of Namek

Episode 98: Namekian Dragon Balls: Vegeta's conquest approved

Episode 99: Bloodhunt: Set out to Namek

Episode 100: Rest assure: Team Vegeta

Episode 101: Training under 100x gravity

Episode 102: The Ginyu Force: Captain Ginyu's portrayel

Episode 103: The gloat boast: Naruto's anger ascends

Episode 104: Recoome's terrifying power: Gaara's hunch

Episode 105: Team attack: Krillin's defeat

Episode 106: Unlocked Potential: Gohan's New Hidden Power

Episode 107: Sand shear: Gaara's might amulet burst

Episode 108: Sand Ball power: Naruto's deep depression

Episode 109: Nine-Tailed Naruto: Recoome's Hyper Explosion technique

Episode 110: Goku's plan: Rescue team 5

Episode 111: Courses for Namek: Goku's training under 250x gravity

Episode 112: Vegeta's Race: Captain Ginyu's foolproof idea

Episode 113: The battlefield awaits: Goku vs Recoome

Episode 114: Piccolo vs Captain Ginyu: Orochimaru's bite

Episode 115: Curse Mark sets in: Goku vs Ginyu

Episode 116: Naruto's testament: Piccolo's final training express

Episode 117: Blue Hurricane: Red Magma

Episode 118: Phoenix Flower Jutsu: Hard Days of Ginyu

Episode 119: Foul play: Burter's downfall

Episode 120: Fire Crusher fail: Vital Exterior

Episode 121: Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku

Episode 122: Gohan's gamble: Sasuke vs Goku

Episode 123: Fire ball: Lions Barrage central

Episode 124: Irritation: Vegeta's final words

Episode 125: Art of Goku: Sakura's hideous body change

Episode 126: Unlikely Team: Naruto's surprise

Episode 127: A wish of fear: Double Part zero

Episode 128: Ginyu's wish: The Captain's new curse mark

Episode 129: Ginyu's power rises: Vegeta joins the gang

Episode 130: Ginyu power over 400,000: Naruto's giant risk

Episode 131: Final Gamble: Goku's Spiritbomb

Season 4Edit

Episode 132: History of Cooler: Vegeta's new tactics

Episode 133: Cooler's game: Vegeta vs Cooler

Episode 134: Piccolo say goodbye

Episode 135: A tied match: Goku vs 300x gravity

Episode 136: Vegeta's Big Bang Attack: A brother's promise

Episode 137: Max power Vegeta: Goku is on his way

Episode 138: Farewell Mr. Vegeta: Cooler's 280 hit combo

Episode 139: Final Form Cooler: Death of the Saiyan Prince

Episode 140: Rivals Collide: Rasengan and Chidori

Episode 141: Goku's Counterattack

Episode 142: Goku vs Cooler: Fight of the universe

Episode 143: Kaioken Finish: Heads up Cooler

Episode 144: Beam slash: A count for fighting

Episode 145: King Kai's drone: Vegeta reaches the planet

Episode 146: Kaiokenx50 fails: Last breath

Episode 146: Super Saiyan Goku: Angry Kamehameha

Episode 147: Trip to earth: Trio's new technique

Episode 148: Goku's search for the Dragon Balls

Season 5Edit

Episode 149: A year later: Saiyan Ancestors

Episode 150: Goku's & Naruto's quest

Episode 151: Turles the mighty oaf: King Vegeta's trial

Episode 152: Eye beams: Tight on ropes

Episode 153: Vegeta's quadrant: Kill Driver Test

Episode 154: Kaioken Supreme: Turles' fight

Episode 155: Ninja Handbook 2: Bardock's turn

Episode 156: Bardock vs Naruto: Speed limit

Episode 157: The last fruit: Brittle sweet

Episode 158: Arm breaker: Final Revenger

Episode 159: Super Sprites: Goku's magnificent energy burst

Episode 160: Overload: Finale of power

Episode 161: Elites return: Teen Gohan Masenko

Episode 162: Nappa vs Z Warriors

Episode 163: Rasengan vs Final Spirit Cannon

Episode 164: Nappa's despair: Super Saiyan Gohan

Episode 165:Father vs Son: SSJ2 Gohan

Episode 166: SSJ2 Gohan's Masenko combo

Episode 167: A new quest: Orochimaru's fears

Episode 168: Ultimate Cell Zero: Switch Enemies

Episode 169: Snake chomp: Volley Blast

Episode 170: Super Goku: Naruto unlimited

Episode 171: Cell Wave: SSJ2

Episode 172: Ascended Goku: Multi Shadow Clone Barrage

Episode 173: Ultra Super Saiyan: Naruto's last trap

Episode 174: Cell Jr. vs Sasuke: Chidori supreme

Episode 175: Mega Cell Bomb: Sasuke's final gamble

Episode 176: Phoenix Barrage: Lions Trap

Episode 177: Gaara's new leaf: Shukaku call

Episode 178: Sasuke's horrifying nightmare

Episode 179: Gaara vs Sasuke 2: No man's hope

Episode 180: Chidori: 1000 Birds

Episode 181: Piccolo to the rescue

Episode 182: Gaara's new transformation

Episode 183: Chaotzu's turn: Tien and Yamcha's mighty attack

Episode 184: Kiba's overload: Goku's abscence

Episode 185: Garouga Wolf Fang over Fang: Kiba's last strike

Episode 186: Story of Lotus: Lee's special diamond

Episode 187: Hidden Power-up: The final blow

Episode 188: Rock Lee's last trap: Gaara's sculpture

Episode 189: Neji vs Beast of the sand

Episode 190: Trigrams Rotation: Blood

Episode 191: Byakuguan's true secret: Shukaku Form 1

Episode 192: Prep up Naruto: The fusion technique

Episode 193: Narusuko is born: Twice the power

Episode 194: Time's up: Naruto vs Gaara

Episode 195: The second form: Summon Gamabunta Naruto!

Episode 196: A Jinjurriki Battle: Final Control

Episode 197: Temptations: Wise old Naruto

Season 6Edit

Episode 198: Lonliness: Goku comes home

Episode 199: King Kai's protest: Finish Gap

Episode 200: The Akatsuki returns: Comission submit

Episode 201: Shuzami Town: Kakashi vs Itachi

Episode 202: Power of the Mangyeko: Search for Naruto

Episode 203: Roomate: Hideout found

Episode 204: Vegeta's tailwind: Abscence Prevailed

Episode 205: Destiny of Babadi: Demon King Dabura

Episode 206: Flash of power: Gohan vs Dabura

Episode 207: Spit Acid: Demon King World

Episode 208: Demolish Oblivion: Headstart

Episode 209: Majin Buu Reborned: Terror on earth

Episode 210: Secret Power: Oblivion reaches the leaf

Episode 211: Tsunade's idea: The crack in deploy

Episode 212: Majin Buu's test: Leaf Village's demise

Episode 213: Majin Vegeta strikes: Big Bang Explosion

Episode 214: Death of the Demon: Babadi's end

Episode 215: Vegeta's last stand: Naruto & Sasuke's turn

Episode 216: Planet Burst Revealed: Nine-Tails Secrets

Episode 217: Nine-Tailed Fox vs Majin Buu: Goku races against time

Episode 218: Goku's noble wits: Goku's final conquest

Episode 219: Ultima the greatest lifeform: Super Saiyan Blitz

Episode 220: Super Saiyan 2 Action: Fight with fright

Episode 221: Ultra has no effect: Down for the count

Episode 222: Goku's New Transformation: Super Saiyan 3

Episode 223: True Kamehameha: Stop the Planet Burst

Episode 224: Locks of Glory: Goku vs Majin Buu

Episode 225: Last effort: Retirment homes

Episode 226: Pure Evil Buu: Combine forces

Episode 227: Still no match for Buu: Powers combined

Episode 228: Super Buu: Absorption for Gohan

Season 7Edit

Episode 229: Last hope: Potara Earrings

Episode 230: Split Vision: Gogeta & Vegito

Episode 231: Toying around: Super Buu's underestimation

Episode 232: Fight to the finish: Final Masenko

Episode 233: Big Bang Kamehameha: Final Kamehameha

Episode 234: Desorbtion: Result to Kid Buu

Episode 235: Friends or Frenemies?: Goku and Vegeta mysterious partnership

Episode 236: Arch-enemy clash: King Kai's nightmare

Episode 237: Dragon Balls unity: Power of the Dragon Fist

Episode 238: Failure is not an option: A Super Spiritbomb

Episode 239: Time to stall: Vegeta's promise

Episode 240: Ultra Spiritbomb: Kid Buu's fear

Episode 241: 3 years later: Rescue mission level Z

Episode 242: Back in action: Sound Ninja Four

Episode 243: The 8 chosen ones: Set sail

Episode 244: Old friends: Might Earthdome Jutsu

Episode 245: Weak spot: Jirobo's practice

Episode 246: Game start: Krillin's vague attack

Episode 247: Power of the Unlocked Potential: Curse Mark

Episode 248: Second State: Super Unlocked Potential

Episode 249: Webs of Fear: Neji's up

Episode 250: 360 Degrees Vision

Episode 251: The blind spot

Episode 252: Gentle Fist: Calibrate Friction

Episode 253: Gohan' rage: The King Cole

Episode 254: Switch positions: Fight of the millenium

Season 8Edit

Episode 255: Father dead: Final Form

Episode 256: Super Saiyan Gohan: Ultimate Attack

Episode 257: HIt targets: Streak attacks

Episode 258: Help from friends: Goku vs Kimmimaru

Episode 259: Sound Ninja Five

Episode 260: Naruto vs Sasuke: Rock Lee on his way

Episode 261: Warriors: Super Saiyan

Episode 262: Ascended Saiyan: Ultra Powers activated

Episode 263: Bones Dry: SSJ3 thunder

Episode 264: Gaara's help: 2 vs. 1

Episode 265: Finale Energy: Chi of the light

Episode 266: Grave Danger: Capsal Corporation emergency

Episode 267: Final Threat: Omega Cell Tournament

Episode 268: Take care Goku: Survival for earth again

Episode 269: Super 17's wish: Goku's Ultra Kamehameha

Episode 270: Omega Cell's offering: Hesitation or pressure

Episode 271: Brother's formation: Mercenary Tao's revenge

Episode 272: Satisfaction: Bardock's angerment finale

Episode 273: Semi-Finals: Goku's nindo

Episode 274: Team up: Plot to obliterate earth

Episode 275: Father & Son match: Final Spirit Kamehameha

Episode 276: Real FIght: Death is near

Episode 277: Goku vs Omega Cell: Playing games

Episode 278: Cell's mobitltification blast: Super Omega Cell

Episode 279: Super Saiyan forms: SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3

Episode 280: A Final Spiritbomb: Trible-mite beam

Episode 281: Z Warriors: Decision of Goku

Episode 282: Hideout in the city: Suburbs of the planet

Episode 283: Goku's immortal attack: Super Saiyan Spiritbomb

Episode 284: The Reunion: Goku vs Naruto

Episode 285: The Ultimate Heroes: Spiritbomb vs Rasengan

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Homecoming: Naruto's return

Episode 2: Kazekage Gaara: Goku's new clothes

Episode 3: The Green Beast: Naruto Uzumaki

Episode 4: Naruto vs Gaara: Green Beast vs Lord Kazekage

Episode 5: Immense Speed: Gaara's new power

Episode 6: Naruto's meditation: Goku's eye for an eye

Episode 7: Nicco: The Legendary Hyuga clan member

Episode 8: Sand Crusader attack: A Shinobi's Leaf Hurricane

Episode 9: Goku vs Nicco: Nicco's mysterious bet

Episode 10: 256 Palms: Goku's final gap

Episode 11: A Unborn Saiyan: Kentrum

Episode 12: Gohan's Rival: Gohan vs Kentrum

Episode 13: Masenko Barrage: Gohan's metamorphisical method

Episode 14: The Last Breath: Sparring in the forest

Episode 15: The Johnin Exams Preliminaries: Uub the Reincarnate of Buu

Episode 16: Zanzaka's fatal attack: Uub's last count

Episode 17: Majuub is born: The fusion power

Episode 18: The next round: Lee vs Neji

Episode 19: Rock Lee's Destiny: A giving chance

Episode 20: The flail of fire: Neji's Neo Tri-beam

Episode 21: Kazekage Gaara vs Kentrum: Kentrum's true power

Episode 22: Gaara's Sand Crusher: Kentrum's Pochenzo Ha

Episode 23: A Match to cherish: Odds are even

Episode 24: Like father like son

Episode 25: A path to a Shinobi: Goku's ninja way

Episode 26: Gohan's secret attack: Power on the Dragon Fist

Episode 27: Hiashi The Madara: Tobi's little brother

Episode 28: Rock Lee's Redemption: Hiashi's final Eyeshadow

Episode 29: Primary Lotus of the Leaf: The Handsome's Devil's might

Episode 30: Leaf Hot Wind: Mangyeko Eye

Season 2Edit

Episode 31: Laruto appears

Episode 32: Kunai Brawl: Frog's entry

Episode 33: Water Frog Jutsu: Hiashi's last breathe

Episode 34: Rivals Training: Kisame's perception

Episode 35: Take off the weighted clothes: Goku's incredible hidden speed

Episode 36: The Akatsuki's presence: The finale eclipse cycle

Episode 37: Ambush the village: Change of plans

Episode 38: Water barrier: A two on two fight

Episode 39: Final Vengeance: Omega Kamehameha

Episode 40: The Uzumaki House: Naruto's clan

Episode 41: Garlic Jr. Returns: The final tournament

Episode 42: Tien vs Kiba: Neji vs Piccolo

Episode 43: Garlic Jr. vs Goku

Episode 44: Super Saiyan Demon World: Goku's immortal encounter

Episode 45: Power of the Dead Zone: Gravity below -50

Episode 45: The Black Water Mist: Attack Frenzy

Episode 46: Pikkon in Otherworld: The GInyu Force's return

Episode 47: King Kai's demand: Janemba's jailbreak

Episode 48: Pikkon and Goku: No match for the beast

Episode 49: Goku Super Saiyan 3: Janemba transforms

Episode 50: Super Janemba

Episode 51: Sword Beam Slash: Janemba's eyes

Episode 52: Goku and Vegeta's fusion: Super Gogeta

Episode 53: Family Unites: King Cole's final gamble

Episode 54: The futursome Trunks: Vegeta's son

Episode 55: Future of Trunks: Gohan's crazy methods

Episode 56: King Cole slayed: Mecha Frieza's rampage

Episode 57: Death Ball: Goku returns

Episode 58: Meta Cooler's lookout: The Supernova

Episode 59: Trunks' final slash: Burning Attack

Episode 60: Goku vs Meta Cooler: The Finish Buster

Episode 61: Spiritbomb vs Supernova: Vegeta's limit point

Episode 62: Death of Cooler: A new terror rises

Episode 63: Trunks' alternate timeline: The Androids

Episode 64: Everyone dies: Kentrum's persistence

Episode 65: Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist

Season 3Edit

Episode 66: Android 19's miscalculation: Super Saiyan Vegeta

Episode 67: Vegeta's maximum power: Different Androids

Episode 68: Dr. Gero's hasty retreat: Last resort

Episode 69: Gaara's new moves

Episode 70: New creations: No more taking orders

Episode 71: Gaara's Death Pursuit: A fatal hit

Episode 72: Favors in hand: The fight awaits

Episode 73: Last Hope: Future is terror

Episode 74: Vegeta vs 18: Cold Blooded freaks

Episode 75: Burn out: Vegeta's running low

Episode 76: Z Warriors vs Android 18: 17's pursue attack

Episode 77: Naruto's high fever: Power of the Rasengan

Episode 78: Search for Goku: Kami's Lookout

Episode 79: Piccolo's decision: The Fusion with Kami

Episode 80: A Super Namek: Arrival at Master Roshi's

Episode 81: Piccolo vs 17: Tied in power

Episode 82: The fighting spirit: DNA appears

Episode 83: DNA vs 17: His second transformation

Episode 84: DNA's second transformation: The hunt for 18

Episode 85: 16's First fight: Sequence

Episode 86: DNA's final form: Head in Highlands

Episode 87: The Earth is My Home

Episode 88: Death Nears: Ultima Returns!

Episode 89: The End is Near: The Hunt for Goku Begins!

Episode 90: Big Gate: Gohan's Persision

Episode 91: Kentrum vs. Ultima: The Massive Gap in Strength

Episode 92: Konoha's Medicals: Watch out, Here Evil Comes!

Episode 93: Goku vs. Vegeta

Episode 94: The Kazekage's Awakening

Episdoe 95: Hokage's Hero: Goku and Naruto Arrives

Episdoe 96: Vegeta's Entrance: A Saiyan's Pride on Earth

Episdoe 97: Super Vegeta!

Episdoe 98: Final BigBang Flash: Vegeta's Last Count

Episode 99: The Heroes Prevail: Ultima's Horrifying Transformation

Episode 100: Gargantuan is Born!: Help is on the way

Episode 101: Last Life Chance: The Ultra Spiritbomb!

Episode 102: Konohagakure Saved?!

Season 4Edit

Episode 103: Orochimaru's Return: Kabuto Hatches a Plan

Episode 104: The Shady Character: Naruto's New Mission

Episode 105: Part Time History: Part I

Episode 106: Part Time History: Part II

Episode 107: Mission: Sabotage!

Episode 108: Revenge of the Snake: Goku Gets Payback

Episode 109: Legendary Sanin Fight

Episode 110: Toad vs. Snake: Old Friends Reunite!

Episode 111: Tsunade's Protest

Episode 112: Jiraiya's Final Count: Go For It Pervy Sage!

Episdoe 113: The Akatsuki's Plan in Motion: Goku & Naruto's Training

Episode 114: Peace Restored... Or is it Again?!

Episode 115: Mission Apocalypse

Episode 116: Information Detailed: Goku's Fasting

Episode 117: Tien's Adventure: The Great Fillers Begin

Episode 118: Finding Chaotzu: Shrenon's Mighty Secret

Episode 119: Master Shen's Returns!: Tien Shinhan Die!

Episode 120: Tag Team Battle: Tien & Chaotzu vs. Tao & Shen

Episode 121: A Dodon Ray Battle: Fierce Opponents

Episode 122: Tien's Furious Attack: Tri-Beam

Episode 123: Get Ready...: Open Ball Fist!

Episode 124: Chaotzu's Departure

Episode 125: The Filler's End: Tale of Greentail

Episode 126: Gohan & Kentrum's Mysterious Adventure

Episode 127: Piccolo's Past: Into the Forest...Begone!

Episode 128: The Thick of Woods: Saiyans Meets Greentail

Episode 129: The Fight Starts Now!: Greentail is Kentrum's Father?!

Episode 130: Greentail's Revenge: Beware the Namekian

Episode 131: Green Water Jutsu: Dark Might Beam

Episdoe 132: Gohan's True Appearance

Episode 133: Gohan's New Strength: The End of Greentail

Episode 134: Tsunade's New Recruits: The Uzumaki Clan

Season 5Edit

Episode 135: The Uzumaki Clan: Reunion

Episode 136: Brothers: Naruto meets Laruto

Episode 137: Naruto vs. Laruto

Episode 138: Elemental Strikes: Uzumaki Barrage

Episode 139: Naruto Underived: Rasengan!

Episdoe 140: Rivalry: Bros. Rasengan

Episode 141: The Legend of Afro Buu: The Beast Draws Near

Episode 142: The Shinobi's Training

Episode 143: Afro Buu is His Name: Causing Pain is His Game

Episode 144: Vegeta Overmatched: Naruto's Turn

Episode 145: The Ninja Falls: Goku vs. Afro Buu

Episode 146: Goku's Transformations: Kamehameha vs. Flame-Burst

Episode 147: The Strong Grudge: Super Saiyan 3 is No Match!

Episode 148: Majuub Returns: Afro Buu's Reconsidering

Episode 149: The Mystic Cave: Tapion's Tale

Episode 150: The 5 Survivors: The Training Begins

Episode 151: The Mystic Cave's Secrets: Goku's New Transformation

Episode 152: Mount Myobouki: Fukasaku the Frog

Episode 153: Time After Time

Epsidoe 154: The Big Bang Explosion: Big Buu

Episode 155: Tapion vs. Big Buu: The Struggle for the Universe Begins

Episode 156: Ninja Handbook Reborned!

Episode 157: Big Buu's Boasting: Goku's Triumphant Attack

Episode 158: The Super Buuz Fight: Goku's Mystic Form in Action

Episode 159: Mysticstar Breaker: Goku Powers Down

Episode 160: Goku's Plan: Going According to Plan

Episode 161: Super Saiyan 3: True Kamehameha!

Episode 162: Ultra Dragon Fist: Goku's Second Coming

Episode 163: Mystic Form Prevailed

Episode 164: Vegeta & Afro Buu: Vegeta is still Alive?

Episode 165: The Fusions: Gogeta & Vegito Returns

Episode 166: Dragon Ball Adventures: We Found The Next Ones!

Episode 167: A Lesson Learned: Super Buuz new life

Season 6Edit

Episode 168: The Forest of Wonders: Sasuke's Mission

Episode 169: Android R on the Loose: Tying Some Loose Ends

Episode 170: Sage Mood Activates!

Episode 171: Sasuke's New Mission: Destroy Leaf Village

Episode 172: Vegeta vs. Android R: The Machine's Purpose

Episode 173: A Draw in the Battle: Super Galick Gun Attack

Episode 174: Super Saiyan Legends: Vegeta's Final Flash

Episode 175: Supreme Big Bang Attack!

Episode 176: Eyes on Goku: Super Vegeta Returns

Episode 177: Strength & Speed: Vegeta's Increased Stats

Episode 178: Ascended Super Saiyan

Episode 179: Vegeta Triumphs: Farewell Android R!

Episode 180: The Revenge of Android R: Vegeta Barrage

Episode 181: More Dragon Balls: Android R's True Power

Episode 182: Super Vegeta: Revival

Episode 183: Super Saiyan 2... Again!

Episode 184: Power to the Very Limit: Vegeta Doomed

Episode 185: No Hold Bard: Goku vs. Android R

Episode 186: Super Saiyan 3's: Android R's New Power

Episode 187: Vegeta's Re-tell: Kamehameha's Awakening

Episode 188: The Gyro Ball Beam: Goku Gets Wasted

Episode 189: Leaf Village Storm: Goku rises

Episode 190: The Final Step of Transformation

Episode 191: Mystic Kamehameha: Gorou Bomber

Episode 192: The Androids History: Dr. Gero's Latest Work

Episode 193: The Cave of Misfits: The Dragon Ball Sagas

Episode 194: The Last 3 Androids: Orochimaru's Next Step

Episode 195: Mystic's Last Breath: Android R 1000%

Episode 196: Vegeta's Helping Hand: The Prince Comes Back

Episode 197: Legend of the Spiritbomb: Goku's Homecoming

Episode 198: Gone: A Super Saiyan Warrior Has Revived!

Episode 199: Super Saiyan 4: Goku's Incredible Ultimate Power

Episode 200: The Final Blow: 10x Kamehameha!

Episode 201: The New Androids: Android R's Dying Words?

Season 7Edit

Episode 202: Jiraiya Dead?!

Episode 203: Explosion of Anger!

Episode 204: Jinjurriki vs. the Akatsuki: The Fight of Fights

Episode 205: The Akatsuki Fight: Sasuke's Depression

Episode 206: Naruto vs. Hidan: The Blinding Words

Episode 207: The Death Jutsu: Rasengan x2

Episode 208: Crossing Thunder

Episode 209: Sand Apocalypse!

Episode 210: Half Shade: The Naruto in the Picture

Episode 211: Deidara's Horrific Creations

Episode 212: Return of the Rasengan: Embodiment of Fire!

Episode 213: The 3 New Saiyans: Yamcha's Destruction

Episode 214: Blood Brothers Returns

Episode 215: The Traning For Aktasuki: Zazuna's Testimony!

Episode 216: Kentrum vs. Yoto: The Hyberbolic Time Chamber!

Episode 217: Kentrum Returns

Episode 218: Eternal Fighters: Super Saiyans

Episode 219: Naruto's Blazing Rasengan: Gaara Activated

Episode 220: Bulk of Bulk

Episode 221: Kentrum's Hidden Attack: Bagut Comes In

Episode 222: Ascending Powers: Overgrowth

Episode 223: No Mercy: The Incredible Bagut!

Episode 224: The Fusion Returns: Vegito Appears

Episode 225: A Rip in The Galaxy!

Episode 226: Arrogant Vegito

Episode 227: The Salvage Combo: Vegeto's Big Bang Final Flash!

Episode 228: Divide & Conquer

Episode 229: Supreme Gods: Old Kai's Wisdom

Episode 230:The Fusion of Two Gods: The Shrinking Bagut!

Episode 231: A Hole in the Dimensions!

Episode 232: Quest for Zazuna: Tsunade's Ambition!

Episode 233: Orochi's Essence

Season 8Edit

Episode 234: Orochimaru in the Forbidden World

Episode 235: The 3 Androids: Predators

Episode 236: Dreamscape

Episode 237: The Sand Village...Under Attacked?!

Episode 238: Gaara to Konoha: The Siblings Shine!

Episode 239: Hope is Kankuro: Temari is the Sky

Episode 240: Ant Goes Crow: Kankuro's Demise

Episode 241: Temari's Hideout

Episode 242: The Wind Scythe: Devastation at the Sand Village

Episode 243: Sunken Explosions!

Episode 244: Hard Rock: Plans in Motion

Episode 245: Konoha's Warrant!

Episode 246: Darkness Empire: Kabuto's Forbidden Jutsu

Episode 247: Back to the Hyberbolic Time Chamber...

Episode 248: Goku & Gaara: Vegeta & Naruto

Episode 249: The Androids Arrives!

Episode 250: Calamity!: Gaara's Fierce Return

Episode 251: The Empire Sets In: The Destruction of Konohagakure

Movies Part IEdit

Movie #1Edit

The Dead ZoneEdit

This movie is about Goku, Krillin, Piccolo and Naruto going on a journey to rescue both Gohan and Kami. However, they are guarded by Garlic Jr. as he makes himself immortal. Goku and Naruto engages in a rough battle with him and ultimately wins. However, he plans to send them to the Dead Zone with him. Gohan then saves them all from staying there for all eternity. This was also before the Gaara Arc.

  • Garlic Jr.: Garlic Jr. is the son of Garlic (who Kami locked up). He then seeks revenge on Kami and kidnapps Goku's son, Gohan. Goku and Naruto then defeats him and Gohan pushes him back in the Dead Zone. He returns in Movie #9 when joining the World Tournament to fight Goku. He then fights Goku with Goku as his Super Saiyan. Goku wins and sends him to the Dead Zone, where he is there for eternity.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Piccolo
  • Krillin
  • Gohan
  • Tien
  • Yamcha
  • Vegeta
  • Kami
  • Garlic Jr.'s Henchman
  • Garlic Jr.
  • Sakura

Movie #2Edit

The Ultimate WeaponEdit

This movie is about squad 7 (including Goku and Kakashi) going to help the bridgemaker on a S rank mission to protect him as he is building the "Naruto" Bridge. They are then encountered by The Legendary Swordsman, Zabuza. With his trump card, Haku. He battles with Goku and is unable to defeat him in battle but reveals Haku is the ultimate weapon. Naruto and Goku then fights Haku. They both are battered and thrashed but ultimately wins when Goku summons the last of his strength to perform the Spiritbomb. Note: First Movie Goku takes off weighted clothes. Note: This was after the Gaara Arc.

  • Zabuza: Zabuza is one of the Legendary Swordsman and is from the Hidden Mist Village along with Haku. He fought Kakashi but tied. Goku then fights him but Zabuza could not triumph. He is then killed by Kakashi himself.
  • Haku: Haku is from the Hidden Mist Village like Zabuza. He is believed to be the ultimate weapon to death. He fights Goku and are evenly matched. He then fights both Goku and Naruto and loses by a Spiritbomb. He says that Goku and Naruto was destined to win anyway.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Sasuke
  • Sakura
  • Kakashi
  • Gohan
  • Krillin
  • Piccolo
  • Sarutobi
  • Zabuza
  • Haku
  • Bridge Builder

Movie #3Edit


This movie is about Goku, Naruto, Sasuke and Vegeta fighting up against Broly (another surviving Saiyan since Planet Vegeta's destruction). Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo all fight Broly but lose. He then plans to kill Gohan. Finally sensing it, Goku and the other three race to the battlefield, rigfht before Gohan is killed. Piccolo rescues Gohan and admits that he is proud for him not giving up. Goku, Naruto, Vegeta, and Sasuke then battle him until he goes Super Saiyan, surprising them. They all are then defeated except Goku. Goku then goes Kaioken with no prevail. Goku then goes Kaiokenx50 with the strength from everyone else and defeats Broly. It was unknown what happened to him, assuming he still lives. Note: This was the first Movie that Gohan, Vegeta, and Sasuke fights in. This is right before the training-fight against Frieza on earth.

  • Broly: Broly is one of the few Saiyans to escape the cruel hands of Frieza. He comes to Earth in hopes of finding Goku (Kakarot) to kill him. He wants to because of a long-life grudge on Goku. Goku, Naruto, Vegeta, and Sasuke fights him to where he goes Super Saiyan. Only does Kaiokenx50 Goku (with the power of the others) did Goku supposedly kill Broly. Broly was going to kill Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo but Gohan decided to kill Gohan when Gohan protects the other two. Goku rescues Gohan. Initially, Goku and co. are equivalent in strength and power. However, once Super Saiyan, he had the power to destroy the planet with nobody being strong enough to destroy the beams.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Gohan
  • Krillin
  • Piccolo
  • Broly
  • Sarutobi

Movie #4Edit

The Tree of MightEdit

This movie is about Goky fighting Turles for the safety of earth. Turles and his gang arrives on earth to check up on Goku (Kakarot). He then fights Goku but is interrupted by Vegeta, Sasuke, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien. Krillin, Gohan, and Naruto. His henchman then fights them all but ends in a tie. Goku and Naruto then takes on the henchman alone and defeats them. Turles surprised and curious decides to fight Goku. Vegeta interveins but Turles blows him up and then defeats the other fighters. Turles then makes Gohan go ape and then quickly defeats him. Naruto then engages in battle with Turles and looses after being tricked and noticing that Vegeta was not killed. Vegeta then fights with Turles but gets defeated when he uses the last of his energy to save Goku so he can settle the score. Goku then fights Turles and is beating him until they tie. He then eats the fruit of the Tree of Might and thrashes Goku. Naruto, Vegeta, and Sasuke then gets up then decides to stall him. They are defeated. Chaotzu in Otherworld appears and gives Goku the encouragement to beat Turles. Goku uses the last of his Strength to perform a Kaioken Spiritbomb. Killing Turles and destroying the Tree of Might. They all then stare into the sky. Note: This is Chaotzu's first appearance in the movies. This is the only movie Goku uses the Kaioken Spiritbomb. This is right after the battle with Frieza and Naruto.

  • Turles: Turles is a low class Saiyan that bears a striking resemblance to Goku. He is like an alternate version of Goku if he was to not hit his head. He came to Earth to check up on Goku (Kakarot). He escaped the blast from Frieza. He is about at least 10 years older than Goku as this took place during Goku's age of 23. He was able to defeat a Great Ape and Prince Vegeta. He even beat Goku with the Fruit of the Tree of Might. Turles stated Goku's Chakra Level to be somewhere around 135,000. He ate the Fruit and his power was stronger than Goku Kaiokenx20 (187,000).


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Gohan
  • Krilling
  • Piccolo
  • Yamcha
  • Tien
  • Sakura
  • Sarutobi
  • Kakashi
  • Chaotzu
  • Turles' Henchman
  • Turles

Movie #5Edit

The World's Strongest Warrior (Special)Edit

This movie is about Goku fighting against the Nefarious Dr. Wheelo. Piccolo and Gohan are with Naruto, Sasuke, Krillin and Vegeta out in the Ice Caps watching Master Roshi and Bulma catch fish. Master Roshi and Bulma then see Chaotzu come and he brings them to an Igloo shaped cave where he then goes outside and fights off the alien robot creatures with Piccolo, Vegeta, Naruto, Sasuke, Krillin, and Gohan. They then defeat them but Piccolo gets brainwashed. He then defeats all of them except for Gohan who is then saved by Naruto and Krillin. They wonder where Goku is as Dr. Wheelo (a brain in a robot) plans to steal Master Roshi's body. Master Roshi then admits that Goku is the strongest and he is on his way. Goku leaves Chi Chi and is confronted by Dr. Wheelo. He then makes a bet (Dr. Wheelo wins: Goku's Body; Goku wins: Dr. Wheelo leaves forever). They fight for a long period of time until Piccolo aids Goku and Piccolo is defeated. Naruto then helps him but looses after Goku is tricked. He then goes up in the sky in outerspace. Naruto, Sasuke and Vegeta follows. Dr. Wheelo interrupts Goku's Spiritbomb. Gohan fires a Masenko, letting Goku summon a Super Spiritbomb to kill Dr. Wheelo. They all then fish. Note: First appearance of Hinata, Rock Lee, Bulma, Chi Chi, Ox King, Neji, Kiba, and Shikamaru. This is right before The Ginyu Force Arc where Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, and Gaara heads to Planet Namek.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Sasuke
  • Vegeta
  • Piccolo
  • Krillin
  • Gohan
  • Sakura
  • Bulma
  • Chi Chi
  • Ox King
  • Hinata
  • Kiba
  • Neji
  • Rock Lee
  • Shikamaru

Movie #6Edit

Lord SlugEdit

This movie is about the fight with Goku and Lord Slug. Lord Slug comes to earth and uses the Dragon Balls to become youthful. He then fights the Z-Warriors (Piccolo, Goku, Gohan, Sasuke, Sakura, Gaara, Neji, Rock Lee, Hinata and Kiba). He eventually defeats them and then squares off against Goku. He then turns giant and begins killing Goku. Sasuke then makes a plan with Gohan whistling and Piccolo kicking him in the face. Goku then gets enraged when Gohan, Piccolo and Sasuke are then stomped. He then turns into a False Super Saiyan (Kaiokenx100) and uses a Final Spiritbomb to kill him. The heroes are then better with the Senzu Beans. Note: This is the first time Sakura, Kiba, Neji, Hinata and Rock Lee fought in the movies. This was right before Goku, Piccolo, Sakura, Sasuke, and Hinata heads to Planet Namek. Gaara makes his first appearance in this movie (in a flashback fighting Goku and Naruto) and his first fight of the movies.


  • Goku
  • Sasuke
  • Sakura
  • Hinata
  • Piccolo
  • Neji
  • Kiba
  • Rock Lee
  • Gaara
  • Naruto
  • Lord Slug

Movie #7Edit

Mecha Frieza's RevengeEdit

This movie is about Goku, Naruto, Vegeta, and Sasuke's battle against Mecha Frieza. He comes to Namek just before they go to fight Cooler. He defeats everyone but Goku and his best fighting pals. Gaara however gets up and fights him. He almost wins but Mecha Frieza controls him and then defeats him. He then fights the heroes and beats them all up. He then mocks them and they all then work together and almost beats him until he knocks them unconscience. He then plans for a Super Deathball but they all then uses their strongest attacks and deflects the blast and kills him. They all then talk and worry about Cooler next. Note: This is Frieza's first appearance as a movie villain. This is right before the battle against Cooler in the Cooler Arc.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Sakura
  • Hinata
  • Piccolo
  • Gohan
  • Krillin
  • Gaara
  • Mecha Frieza

Movie #8Edit

Broly: The Legendary Super SaiyanEdit

This movie is about Goku's fight with Broly. As the heroes prepare to go back to earth, Broly comes saying he was alive and has finally found Goku (Kakarot). Goku then takes Sakura, Hinata, Gohan, and Krillin to the ship where they wait. Everyone else then fights Broly all around the planet. Nail then comes and helps with the fight. Broly then almost kills Nail and Piccolo fuses with him. Goku then beats Broly and Broly enters Super Saiyan. Goku uses his Kaioken form and he and Piccolo easily thrashes and then defeats Broly. Broly then makes the planet shake when entering his Legendary Super Saiyan state form. Vegeta then gets shocked but is forced to fight. After a vicious battle, Broly defeats everyone. Goku then gets up and reveals his Super Saiyan form. He then fights head on with Broly. Besides some minor and some frequent hits, Goku is defeated and everyone gives their power to him. Goku then punches Broly in the stomach, distinguishing him. Everyone is then outside as Goku is still Super Saiyan. Note: This is Goku's first time as Super Saiyan in the movies. This is right after Goku killed Cooler.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Piccolo
  • Gohan
  • Krillin
  • Gaara
  • Sakura
  • Hinata
  • Broly

Movie #9Edit

Garlic Jr.'s ReturnEdit

This movie is about Garlic Jr.'s fight against Goku (again). Goku and his friends all enter the World Tournament. Applicants: Goku, Naruto, Vegeta, Sasuke, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Kiba, Rock Lee, Neji, Gaara, Garlic Jr. The preliminaries consist of: Goku vs. Neji; Naruto vs. Kiba; Vegeta vs. Sasuke; Piccolo vs. Tien; Yamcha vs. Rock Lee; Garlic Jr. vs. Gaara. The winners were: Goku, Naruto, Vegeta, Piccolo, Rock Lee, and Garlic Jr. The next rounds were: Goku vs. Piccolo; Naruto vs. Garlic Jr.; Rock Lee vs. Vegeta. The winners were: Goku, Garlic Jr., and Vegeta. Goku took a break and Vegeta fought Garlic Jr. He fought vigoriously but lost. Goku then fights Garlic Jr. and he mocks Goku. Goku then takes his weighted clothes off and then thrashes him and he and everyone else eventually realizes that that is Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr. then transforms and goes into his Super Garlic Jr. form. He then is tied with Goku until powering up. He then thrashes Goku until Goku goes into Super Saiyan and they are more or less tied. Both thrash one another as Goku eventually takes lead of the fight. Garlic Jr. then summons the Dead Zone in a last ditch effort to take Goku with him. Goku eventually blasts him with the Angry Kamehameha and still wins the tournament. Everyone then returns home. Note: This is after the Cooler Saga. This is the first time Goku uses his Angry Kamehameha (Super Saiyan) in the movies. This is the first appearance of Oolong in the movies.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Chaotzu
  • Piccolo
  • Gohan
  • Krillin
  • Tien
  • Yamcha
  • Kiba
  • Neji
  • Rock Lee
  • Hinata
  • Sakura
  • Bulma
  • Chi Chi
  • Master Roshi
  • Ox King
  • Oolong
  • Gaara

Movies Part IIEdit

Movie #10Edit

Meta Cooler's RevengeEdit

This movie is about Goku and Vegeta fighting Meta Cooler. A shadow appears over Namek and Dende sends upon Goku, Naruto, Vegeta, and Sasuke. They then go to Namek with the transportation method. Once arriving, Dende tells them about the idiotic strange light. A Giant Star then takes root on the planet and Goku and Vegeta goes to confront it. Naruto and Sasuke then runs after to catch up. They then find a Meta Cooler and Goku gets shocked. Meta Cooler reveals that his brain survived and was fused with the Big Gete Star that brought him back. He then fought the four and easily took over the fight. He then defeats Naruto and Sasuke avenges him... Only for him to be defeated in a few punches afterwards. Goku then goes Super Saiyan and gets defeated. Vegeta then goes Super Saiyan and makes Naruto and Sasuke power up as well. They all then defeats him using a combination move. The Big Gete Star then makes clones of Meta Cooler and everyone is defeated. Goku and Vegeta gets captured as Sasuke and Naruto manages to escape and fights off the clones. Cooler is revealed (only his head: incapacitated). He then steals their energy but is overwhelmed when too much is sent. He then fightd them and defeats them. Goku however is given Naruto and Sasuke's energies and destroyes Cooler and the Big Gete Star with an Angry Kamehameha Wave. Vegeta then destroys the chip saying Cooler will never return and they all head back to Earth. Note: Dende's first appearance in the movies. On the cover, it shows Mecha Frieza on the cover however he is only mentioned.


  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Naruto
  • Sasuke
  • Dende
  • Namekians
  • Meta Cooler(s)
  • Cooler (Big Gete Star)

Movie #11Edit

Brothers Unite!Edit

This movie is about the fight with Goku, Naruto, Sasuke, and Vegeta against Mecha Coolza. The heroes are all training and feels a darkness power. Mecha Frieza and Meta Cooler then returns and fights the heroes. They easily beat them and soon the two brothers fuse together to make, Mecha Coolza. They then fights the heroes. The heroes then powers up and thrashes them until they get somewhat stronger. Mecha Coolza then gets strong enough to hold their own. They then starts beating on them and reveals that each second they get stronger. They then gets thrashed again until they block the attacks. They then starts thrashing the heroes until Goku is left. Goku is then thrashed and soon so outraged, he goes Super Saiyan 2. He then easily beats them up and finishes them off with his Meteor Combination and a Spiritbomb that was made with his remaining power to extinguish them. Note: This is Goku as Super Saiyan 2's first appearance in the movies. This is the first time Goku uses his Spiritbomb in a Super Saiyan form.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Gohan
  • Krillin
  • Mecha Frieza
  • Meta Cooler
  • Mecha Coolza

Movie #12Edit

Bojack UnboundEdit

This movie is about the fight with Gohan fighting Bojack. Bojack and his gang comes to Earth to destroy it and conquer it. However, Trunks and Gohan both decides to fight him. Everyone else are defeated in one blast except Gaara who arrives shortly. Goku is meanwhile helping King Kai calm Broly down. Bojack then demands for Gohan and Trunks to let down. Zangya then fights them while Bojack watches. She easily thrashes them until Gohan gets angry and kicks her. She is then about to kill them until Gaara uses his Sand Burial and kills her. Bojack then fights them but they all overwhelm him and defeats him. He then powers up and thrashes all of them. They all then team up but to no prevail. Goku then shows up for a brief moment and uses his Kaioken Attack. The three then powers up and finally when Gaara and Trunks are beaten, Gohan kills Bojack with his Super Masenko as Super Saiyan. Note: This is Teen Gohan's entry in the movies. This is Future Trunks' first appearance in the movies. This is also King Kai's first appearance in the movies.


  • Goku
  • Gohan
  • Gaara
  • Trunks
  • King Kai
  • Zangya
  • Bojack

Movie #13Edit

Broly's RevengeEdit

This movie is about the fight between Goku and Broly. Goku is training with Future Trunks until they hear a noise and Teen Gohan reveals it to be Piccolo and Naruto training. They then senses a great power and heads to the plains. They then spot Broly and he fights them and defeats Piccolo. Vegeta and Sasuke then arrives and decides to put an end to him. Broly then goes to his Legendary Super Saiyan form and defeats Gohan. Goku goes Super Saiyan and stops him from killing Gohan. Vegeta, Sasuke, Naruto, and Narutopowers up and they all fights him. Gaara then comes and easily gets his butt kicked. All the heroes then combines their powers for a fatal attack against Broly's Omega Blaster. The heroes barely win and Broly is killed. Goku then vanishes to Otherworld. Note: Super Saiyan Trunks' first appearance in the movies.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Gohan
  • Piccolo
  • Gaara
  • Trunks
  • Broly
  • King Kai

Movie #14Edit

Super 13!Edit

This movie is about the fight against Super Android 13. The heroes (Goku, Vegeta, Naruto, and Sasuke) + Trunks all are flying to Goku's house until an energy blast is fired at them. They then go to the mountains but winds up in the Ice Caps to find out the problem. Androids 14 and 15 then appear and defeats all of them except Goku. Goku then fights them and uses the Kaiokenx10 to kill Android 14 & 15. Android 13 then appears and fights Goku. Goku and him are tied until Goku thrashes him with the Kaiokenx20. The other heroes then thrashes him until he fuses with the other Android's parts to make Super 13. He then easily defeats them one by one until Goku and Naruto are left. The two are then thrashed separately and soon they both rejoice until they are defeated. Goku and Naruto then powers up but still gets thrashed. They then fuse their most powerful attacks and absorbs them inside themselves. They then combine it and shoots it straight at Super 13 who is about to push it back. Goku then goes Super Saiyan 2 and fires a Kamehameha Wave and the big blast kills him. They all then leave with Sasuke and Vegeta sitting on a glacier. Note: This is the first time in the movies Goku and Naruto fused a blast to win.


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Trunks
  • Android 13
  • Android 14
  • Android 15
  • Super Android 13

Movie #15Edit

Saiyans VengeanceEdit

This movie is about Goku squaring off against the deceased Saiyans. Gohan and Trunks are training in the woods until a forest fire starts. They manage to blow the fire out but a bunch of Saiyans (Raditz, Nappa, Turles, Bardock, King Vegeta, and Broly. Goku and Naruto then senses it and arrives right before Trunks dies. They save him and soon Vegeta shows up. Sasuke then comes and the five decides to fight the other five in a tournament. Goku heals Trunks so he can compete as well. Trunks went first to fight Raditz. They both went Super Saiyan and fought and eventually Trunks defeats Raditz but is fatally wounded. Vegeta then fights Nappa and beats him until his brain chip is activated and he gets weird. He then beats Vegeta. Gohan then fights Bardock but gets defeated. Naruto and Sasuke are then beaten by Broly and King Vegeta. Soon Goku fights them all at the same time and Turles prepares to kill him. Goku then dodges the blast. They all then tell Goku how much they seek revenge (most notably: Raditz, Turles, and Broly). Goku then goes Super Saiyan and the other Saiyans does as well. Broly then goes to Legendary Super Saiyan and they all defeats Goku. Goku then skips past Super Saiyan 2 and goes to Super Saiyan 3. He then uses a large Super Saiyan Spiritbomb and gathers most of his energy from the fallen warriors that are still at their full powers. He then obliterates them all. They all then stares into the sunset as they compliment Goku on his job well done. Note: Goku's last time using Spiritbomb in Naruto Ball Z movies!


  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Vegeta
  • Sasuke
  • Gohan
  • Trunks
  • Raditz
  • Nappa
  • Turles
  • Broly
  • Bardock
  • King Vegeta

Movies II Part IEdit

Movie #16Edit

The Return of SlugEdit

This movie is about Goku fighting Lord Slug. The Earth gets shadowed by a mysterious spaceship until Goku decides to confront it with Naruto and Krillin. They all then go into it and finds Lord Slug young and alive. He said he was resurrected by the Big Gete Star that Cooler was saved from. He then says the essence of the star was destroyed moments after he was resurrected. Krillin and Naruto then fights him but they easily are defeated. Lord Slug then goes to Chunin Exams arena and fights Goku. Goku and him are tied until Lord Slug reveals a power of his gaining Super Namek: Naiomakai and he thrashes Goku under his foot. Goku then goes Kaioken and still gets pummeled. He then goes Kaiokenx20 but is still defeated. He finally after about to die goes to Super Saiyan and crushes both of his arms. He then fires am Angry Kamehameha and obliterates Lord Slug. The three then looks over the horizon at Piccolo and Gohan training.

Movie #17Edit

The Last Temptation of GokuEdit

This movie is about Goku and Naruto fighting Turles. Gohan is playing with Kentrum until a shadow appears over them. Turles reveales himself and they fight him to no prevail. He then goes searching for Goku to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Vegeta is training with Rock Lee and Kiba. Naruto then goes in the woods and then spots Turles. Goku then arrives and appears to be holding the seeds to the last Tree of Might. Turles and Goku fights and then Naruto joins in and the two fights him. Turles then eats the last four fruits and starts pounding on the two. Naruto then gives his power to Goku and Goku goes Super Saiyan 2. Turles still defeats Goku and Goku goes to Super Saiyan 3 and uses his Dragon Fist technique, penetrating him. The sky is then blue again as Gohan and Kentrum arrives with Vegeta and Piccolo.

Movie #18Edit

Invasion of PainEdit

This movie is about the fight with Naruto fighting Pain/Nagato. Orochimaru gives up the position to be the ruler only if Pain kills and destroys the Leaf Village known as Konoha. He then first encounters Jaraiya and shortly makes him his first victim as a first warning. Tsunade tries to prevent this from happening but Pain arrives and everyone is slowly dying. Vegeta then comes and saves both Choji and Kakashi. He then defeats one of the paths only for him to be saved by Kakashi at the cost of Kakshi's own life. Gohan then remembers that Goku has gone away with Majuub to train in the desert. The other heroes are quickly defeated. Pain then seeks out Naruto but fight Tsunade and Shizune, only for Shizune to be killed. Kentrum however gets up and fights all six Pains and almost defeats them until Nagato fires an attack, thus defeating him. Naruto then arrives in Sage Mode and after a tough battle around Konoha and the forest, Naruto wins and all Pains are recreated and Nagato hides. Goku and Majuub returns and uses the Dragin Balls they collected to resurrecr everyone who died because of Pain. The village then thanks Goku, Majuub and Naruto as they rebuild it.

Movie #19Edit

Zabuza's ReturnEdit

Special Movie #1: The Christmas World's StrongestEdit

  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Piccolo
  • Krillin
  • Gohan
  • Rock Lee
  • Gaara
  • Neji

Special Movie #2: A Goku & A Tree of Might StoryEdit

  • Goku
  • Naruto
  • Sasuke
  • Vegeta
  • Piccolo
  • Neji
  • Gohan
  • Gaara