Noah cheering for an episode about school

School of Hard Noah'sEdit

The girls woke up and noticed that Gwen & Beth were playing baseball outside. Heather gets the ball and pops it saying that those two are babies if they're still using baseballs to occupy theirselves. Courtney does agree and says they are losers, but also thinks Heather is being hypocritical. Lindsay told Bridgette to open the window to smell the fresh air. Once Bridgette opened the window the whole cabin got filled with stench of Owen's farts. Meanwhile, in the boys cabin Owen was farting non-stop after Noah & Harold told him to stop. Duncan jumped out the window, DJ fainted like he was dead, Cody asked Ezekiel where to go and Ezekiel said to the main lodge. Once evryone got to the main lodge, they were almsot relieved to eat Chef's food. Chris announced that today's challeneg would be a recreation of school. Noah smiled and volunteered to be teacher. The principle got invincibility if they lost, and Courtney & Heather called it. Beth said to DJ that we look like we are students then. Eva's eyes widen as she noticed Noah & Harold taking over as teachers. Owen asked to get some food. While on the other side Gwen told Duncan that she'd be willing to get voted off to ditch this class. Duncan agreed with her. In the Confessional: Gwen says that Duncan is okay and that he is one of the only people on her team she can relate to the most. Noah snaps at the students for talking and then Cody asked Noah if he was enjoying his job. Noah said he was and then got back into position. Harold was very loud and screechy, but nice and sweet. Lewshana asked him if he wanted to go on a vacation and Harold says yes and from that point Chris sees how the Gophers are doing, and then how the Bass are doing. Noah is yelling at everyone. DJ & Ezekiel go and on about how loud Noah is. Justin even said to shut it and then hanged him from a lamp post. In the Confessional: Noah said Justin is so getting out for that. By that the Bass lose and the Gophers are safe for now. Duncan & Gwen both voted for Noah along with Ezekiel, and Justin. Cody voted for Justin, and Ezekiel voted for Gwen. DJ picked Courtney and Courtney picked nobody. The awards went to Courtney, Cody, Ezekiel, Gwen, Duncan, DJ, Beth, and Justin. Beth said bye to Noah and Noah left. Chris signs off and tells everyone to watch the next beautiful episode of Total Drama Horror.

Second HeadingEdit

Season 1, Episode 9


Gwen and Duncan hug after escaping class


Owen once he found the desserts


Date Played May 14, 2010
Challenge Teaching
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Noah

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