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Wacky Wild WestEdit

Katie wakes up first and sees everynody outside scorching. She then asks Gwen how hot is it and she replies by saying 4000 degrees. Duncan then laughs as Katie glares at him. In the Confessional Katie states that Duncan is an obnoxious, rude person who is completely oblivious to other people's feelings. Cody and Ezekiel sit under an umbrella together just spitting on each other to cool each other down. Justin goes straight up to Cody and slaps him-making Cody question him. Chris then comes and says that they're going to the west. When they get there Lindsay and Beth asks if they will be going to the mall to which Chris immediately says no.

Katie then gazes at Justin saying to Izzy that he has a good body. Gwen then disagreed and said Duncan has a better one. Automatically correcting herself by saying Trent. DJ then got scared when he found out the challenge. The first two up was Beth and Lindsay who held hands and pray to god. Then Cody went and landed safely until Duncan smashed right down on him. Cody then yells as Duncan squishes him. Bridgette in the Confessional said that Duncan is mean and that Cody needs to work out more. Justin then went, followed by Dj who got electrocuted by the fence. When everybody went, Katie then clapped her hands and said that she'd hope that was it until Ezekiel found out that the Grips were the cowboys trying to catch the Gaffers (cows).


Some of the cast wish DJ farewell when he takes the walk of shame in Wacky Wild West

In the Confessionals DJ said that he'd hate this, Gwen said she was only doing this for a million bucks and Duncan said that doing the challenge was a waste of time so he eliminated himself. Ezekiel then laughed and caught DJ along with Beth and Bridgette. Bridgette then high-fived Ezekiel. Izzy and Beth then get Lindsay easily. Cody then refused to get Gwen but Justin had no problem doing so. So Gwen got cornered but tricked Justin and Izzy but Beth got her and tied her up real tight.

Chris and Chef then said that the Gaffers had to go to elimination and Cody cheers on but hopes Gwen stays in. DJ and Duncan argue over who to vote so they vote each other off while Gwen and Lindsay said they were going to choose withhout looking. At the ceremony, Chris gave everyone a Guilded Chris except DJ. DJ then smiled saying he expected that. Lindsay then said she was sorry and Gwen then wished him farewell. Duncan apologizes to DJ and they both regroup as friends. DJ wishes them luck and leaves. Leaving Duncan powerless in his alliance. Chef then signs the show off.

Second HeadingEdit

Season 2, Episode 5

Date Played September 8, 2010
Challenge Jump off a 100 ft dive onto a horse; cowboys must rope the cows
Winner(s) Killer Grips
Eliminated D
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